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  1. Is Jose Mourinho still our best manager post Fergie?

    I miss our team playing with a some kind of philosophy and vision. You can say whatever you want about Jose at least we played with purpose, we knew where we stood as a fan when it came to the football. Even picked up some silverware along the way which edges it for me.
  2. Patrice Evra reveals he was sexually abused as a teenager by his former teacher.

    Very brave of Evra, takes courage that. hopefully with him opening about it will help other victims to open up and talk to someone.
  3. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    I love Ole. He comes across as a good man plus he's a socialist.. As a player he is a club legend. As a manager/coach though he is poor compared to the likes of Guardiola, Klopp and Tuchel. The club should be aiming higher.
  4. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2021/22 Performances

    Rashford gets a raw deal because he is black, english and an academy product. He probably winds up a lot of Tories too. :smirk: IMO He is one of our most important players. He is a potential matchwinner. Hopefully he smashes it today. He has a decent record against the scousers. There should...
  5. Racism in Italy - even anti-racism is filled with racism

    Italy. One of the Most racist countres in europe
  6. Racism in Italy - even anti-racism is filled with racism

    One of my mates english but ethnically a Korean lad went down backpacking in italy there couple years back encountered alot of racism too. It's rife.
  7. Roy Keane

    Ah yes remember those. When did they stop producing them? I used to buy the official Man United magazines too, still got the first issue from 1992 somewhere.
  8. Racism in Italy - even anti-racism is filled with racism

    Italy is one of the most racist countries in Europe tbh I know Filipino's who work out there and are on the end of racial abuse on the daily.
  9. Music What are we listening to?

  10. Music What are we listening to?

  11. Roy Keane

    A manager's dream
  12. Racism in Italy - even anti-racism is filled with racism

    And it'll continue to be swept under the carpet.
  13. Random goalkeepers you remember

    Hans Segers and his gelled back hair
  14. Random goalkeepers you remember

    Top keeper. Yeah something like that. His religion meant he couldnt play on Sundays...
  15. If C.Ronaldo is removed from the discussion: who are modern greats at heading?

    Yes he was great at attacking headers. He could generate so much power from standing positions. Great technique