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  2. Bruno Fernandes | 2020/21 Performances

    Our worst player today unfortunately. Also that reaction to being subbed is unacceptable, the club goes first ffs. Needs to clear his head a bit
  3. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    On paper yeah Diakhaby is probably the weakest of the bunch, but is still a young starter at Valencia and will probably only continue rising. This is the toughest part of the game i think, deciding who to sell on knowing full well that the player might develop fantastically in the next years and...
  4. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    CB position at Villa looking quite promising right now despite Van Dijk leaving. Ruben Dias (90/23) Presnel Kimpembe (91/25) Eric Bailly (89/26) Pau Torres (89/23) Moucatar Diakhaby (87/24) Sven Botman (86/20) Not sure how this happened, pretty poor planning from my side as they'll all...
  5. Why do Carrick and McKenna escape criticism?

    Not from UK but would assume time means to time the run and turn is to signal to your teammate that there’s noone behind him closing down, and he’s free to turn and attack. At youth level we also used to shout left or right after playing a pass to make it easier for the receiver. I’d guess it’s...
  6. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    Wanna do a deal for him?
  7. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    :lol: I can relate to this, once i sign a player for my team i don’t think i’ll ever forget his name
  8. Moises Caicedo

    The absolute first attribute we should be looking for when signing new players is determination and willpower, a la Bruno. Players who don't sulk when things aren't going right. If this lad has that in addition to his skills in the videos - we should be all over this.
  9. David De Gea | 2020/21 Performances

    We've won the league with De Gea. Agree that Henderson deserves an honest chance though, David has declined massively these past couple of years.
  10. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    I understand your frustration, but the game will never be perfect because of how little control admin has. It's about making the best out of the situation, which we've been managing pretty well i think - not much more we could do. Welcome back if you change your mind man New GW should be the...
  11. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    I wouldn't say the league is dead quite yet as neither Pablo nor other managers have started signing all available players without minding the cap. The intention of all involved is still to abide by the rules, which is the most important part. The fact is Pablo has mistakenly broken it thrice...
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    Yeah but what good does it do when i’ll just get battered by you in the next round :(
  13. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    Yessss baby 2-0 victory against @Damien with the reserves! Greenwood and Barkley the deciders. SM is truly weird sometimes
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    That Tierney moment is class :lol: Dias has been probably the only positive from the changes i made to the squad recently. Pogba not even making our first team, reports surfacing of Greenwood lacking the determination to make it at top level. Not ideal!
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    Ahh why is it always me that has to go up against your beast of a team. My guys are tired so will play the reserves :lol: hoping you won't embarrass me