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  1. Romelu Lukaku | Inter watch | "I can never be wrong in terms of positioning/movement" | Knocks Inter out of Europe by blocking a 90th minute winner

    Lukaku is a goal scorer and will always score goals wherever he goes. On top of that he is a PL-proven goal scorer. He may have a bad first touch but his goal scoring track record makes up for it IMO. And btw, fans these days expect every footballer to have perfect touches every single time the...
  2. Our Defence - Has it actually been fixed?

    Just buying good defenders won’t fix our problems if we don’t have good manager and coaches. They will still be average in this setup. Leicester supposedly lost their best defender, yet they still defend well.
  3. Post match vs Norwich City

    Good win for us! Critical 3 points to move up the table.
  4. Norwich City vs Manchester United

    I’m super nervous for us. We’re in 15th and 2 points above relegation. We’ve got to win this to get our season going.
  5. Ole & United vs. Frank & Chelsea: who will have the better season?

    Frank is definitely coaching them into a good, quick and fluid team. They will need some reinforcements in central defense but they are pretty solid elsewhere. They don’t have superstars but solid players who are being coached into playing good solid football as a team. They all know what to do...
  6. Worse than Mourinho football?

    Changing our attack to create more crosses for our striker is no longer good enough for the PL? While that is not the only way to create chances, that is one of the ingredients:)
  7. Worse than Mourinho football?

    I urge you to believe:) also, have you seen Willian and Perisic lately? They would both improve our team. In addition to that, teams are made up of players who complement each other. Those two players could really have changed the dynamic of our offense.
  8. Premier League Gameweek 10

    Leicester really look fluid and they are hungry. Working hard for each other.
  9. Worse than Mourinho football?

    because those were players who are spineless and couldn’t cut it to be warriors and fighters. Jose is demanding. The winners he has coached over the years have all loved him. The sulkers and lazy players like pogba and Martial hate his types. Do you think the players know better than the...
  10. Worse than Mourinho football?

    you post nonsense on here. How are 2 players enough to play an 11 a side sport?
  11. Worse than Mourinho football?

    This poster sees it clearly! This is clear for us all to see but fans will continue to refuse to see it.
  12. CL 19/20 Group Stages: Week 6 (Last Round)

    Yep. Looking pretty bad across the board out there. Finishing, decision making, etc were all poor.
  13. Sheffield United's 3-5-2 'Overlapping Centre-backs" Approach

    Only those poor in attitude and desire who are not poor in talent and money
  14. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    What a crap show we are. Sitting in 14th place with everyone (except City and Liverpool) above us being super average this season!