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  1. England in India 2021

    When does the IPL start?
  2. English cricket 2020/21

    I don't follow SL cricket - are you saying they're no longer the powerhouse they once were in SL? My last memory of watching a live broadcast of cricket in SL is Murali bowling with the fans making noise using some combination of instruments. Anyways - what's the prediction for England tour of...
  3. English cricket 2020/21

    It’s not easy to dominate SL in SL. Looks like the Ind-Eng series is going to be very good.
  4. 2021 American Civil War

    what kind of idiocy is this? I don’t know enough words in the English language to describe this.
  5. Post match vs Liverpool

    Fair enough result away at the champions. Sitting pretty on top of the table, 2 points off Leicester.
  6. Cricket

    The determination and mental strength in this team is amazing. This is a better team than when the fab 4 were playing test cricket.
  7. Cricket

    Can the rain Gods salvage a draw for India in this match?
  8. The Biden Presidency

    this sounds like the “new normal“ -trying to get impeachment proceedings going, whether there’s grounds for it or not.
  9. The Trump Presidency | Biden Inaugurated

    In the senate? I don’t think he has been. Is the second impeachment the threshold for not running again as per constitution? Or is it more of a moral thing? Edit- This post on another thread clears it up for me. Cheers EAP.
  10. The Trump Presidency | Biden Inaugurated

    What’s the point of impeaching him once he leaves office? Is that even possible?
  11. Cricket

    What I’m surprised is that we don’t have sufficient all rounders in the Jadeja, Pandya mode in the team/waiting in the wings. The amount of balance such players bring to the team is immense. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to find some good left hand batsmen while we’re at it. Just Pant isn’t sufficient...
  12. Cricket

    Yeah, something needs to be done about the middle order now. I don’t know if Gill needs to be moved from opening slot. Given the next test is at Gabba, opening with Mayank or Shaw will be going in at 1/0. Can Pant play as a batsman with Saha as the wicket keeper? Sharma Gill Pujara Rahane Pant...
  13. 2021 American Civil War

    I get a feeling that Cruz is trying to take up the political space of Trump. He’s more intelligent than Trump and has seen his playbook work to a great extent. If he can stoke enough fear and division, I can see him raising billions and leading the Republican (or what party they become) ticket...
  14. 2020 US Elections | Biden certified as President | Dems control Congress

    Probably answered earlier but if the senate is 50-50, who becomes the senate majority leader? Does it get decided by VP’s vote? (Pence?)