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  1. Scott McTominay | 2019/20 Performances

    Pretty much been my thoughts since the start of his career. I rarely post in his threads for the same reason. I've just been thinking, whatever McTominay is in their head, Ben Pearson is actually more fitting of that image. And James Garner is the next evolution of Ben Pearson, which is whatever...
  2. Timothy Fosu-Mensah | 2019/20 Performances

    Well he did play as a fullback for Dutch/Ajax as well as with United (along with CB and CM). However, I never thought his ability was catered for fb. You could get away with that at youth level, but clearly modern fullbacks have more pressure to provide in attacking positions. Destroyer makes...
  3. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    Sessegnon hasn't really impressed at Spurs, but he was the smarter punt. All we had to do was look at their respective ages and what they did at Championship level. I honestly found it strange that James was bought over Sessegnon. Forget hindsight. It's about decision making based on evidence...
  4. Tahith Chong | 2019/20 Performances

    Nah, wingers are often tried at fullback if it looks like they're having trouble making it as a winger. There is less pressure to perform in attack, but because they are wingers, they know how to play on the wing. If they have the workrate for it, it's worth a shot. Makes way more sense than...
  5. Better player: Lingard or Cleverley

  6. Manchester United vs LASK

    That was great from Chong. I like the Ole is trying him out as a LB.
  7. Manchester United vs LASK

    That was terrible from Mata
  8. Manchester United vs LASK

    Good finish from Jesse and good ball from Ighalo
  9. Manchester United vs LASK

    It didn't even looked like he tried to shoot.:lol:
  10. Manchester United vs LASK

    Ighalo is sharp. Always does well with what he's given even if it doesn't end up in a goal.
  11. Manchester United vs LASK

    Play Garner. He's an actual DM compared to Scott. This is an ideal time to give him minutes. No chance he costs us the tie. No fans to pressure him. Playing against a non-PL level side. I'm hoping to see Greenwood too so he can statpad.
  12. Manchester United vs LASK

    This means nothing. If he's good enough he will play for a big club again. If he's not, then why does it matter if he stayed here or not? It's his career and I think he made a good decision to get himself more playing time at first team level.
  13. Manchester United vs LASK

    Why would he be playing when Chong isn't starting? Gomes made a good decision.
  14. Manchester United vs LASK

    From afar you can't notice the details. So it just looks like a generic red shirt with the chevy logo.
  15. Manchester United vs LASK

    Put in Garner for McTominay.