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  • Yeah, I think (or let’s hope) it’s just a case of us having more options in that position and DVB is settling in.
  • Yeah agreed with that - players adapt and develop differently. I'm just troubleshooting some reasons why he's not had that many minutes yet - just having joined a new team, country and league possibly being the major probable reason - especially...
  • Early days I guess. Acclimatization to a new league in a position we’ve surprisingly got some depth in. Nothing to see here (yet), imo.
  • Excellent!
  • Yep, great and entertaining show :drool: You watch the Boys by any chance? Lead actor is amazing in there
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  • Feels like the same article that comes out at least 3-4 times a year.
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    And said poster believe in long term planning!
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    Looking forward to it bro :drool: @villain luckily the few people i know are safe, but agreed in general about the lack of coverage.
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    Hype around him has always been massive and it's clear why (I think even Jose once said that when he got to the club and on his first time of watching Axel, he knew he'd be a star within 10 minutes or something along those lines). Hopefully he...
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    Aye, I’m just down South and I don’t even know about this until I read your post - that’s how crappy the coverage has been - and I have a few friends and classmates in Lagos and Abouja. I’ll reach out to them. @adexkola my man, how are things...
  • Good point re penalties. I haven't even been following much of La Liga results, but my memory tells me there hasn't been that many high scoring matches/shock results, as there's been in the EPL?
  • Amen Robbie! And best of luck with the lockdown
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    Agreed with all that bud
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    In LvG’s famous words: we go for it!