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    Recover well. Glad Liverpool suffering from a major injury though, if I’m honest.
  • Aye Robbie. As well as can be bro! Hahaha I’m a sucker for punishment - ergo I like your posts! :lol: Joking bud. Sums up my feelings on ole well. He’s done a lot of good. Yeah, there’s this very “black and white” view, for the most part on the...
  • Good post Robbie. My man.
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    Thanks for that. Looks a really exciting footballer. Obviously it’s hard to tell how that’ll translate to the EPL but there’s quite a few who have done well tbf.
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    So how good is this guy? Only really heard of him through this thread and haven't watched much outside of YT highlights. Seems to be a right footed winger who prefers to play on the left? Looks a bit like Hazard (pre weight gain Madrid Hazard) in...
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    :lol: yeah it sort of makes sense, in a very LC kind of way! But agreed - the show is all over the place. I've continued watching just in the hope that it would pick up some consistency. But it's only 10 episodes anyway. So hopefully the ending...
  • Yeah man, this is part of the parcel and scrutiny that comes with playing for United. Even moreso as the Captain and when the team isn't performing. If you really can't handle this, OT might not be the stage for you, IMO.
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    Haaland Davies Sancho
  • This might sound harsh, but this is why we're nowhere competing at the top if our players are mentally this fragile. This is what happens at the very highest level of competitive sports. We're not the only "big club" under this sort of scrutiny...
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    Hey stranger! Hope you're well! I am not the one to currently be giving advice. Haven't played much of the last 2 editions of PES, but in the hope of progress with my studies, the plan is to get a PS5 early 2021 and see if I can catch up with...
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    Being harsh on Supernatural there :lol: At least they didn't pretend to be anything other than a comedy/horror fun-filler!
  • Yeah, all very valid points indeed. From my perspective, I also hope we "dont act too late" - if it gets to that, as a new manager could salvage something - depending on how bad it gets. But for now, Ole deserves a more time to turn it around...
  • Gun laws (or the lack thereof) in the states are insane.
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  • Nah, he'll only get sacked when 4th place is mathematically impossible. He won't create all the toxicity that Jose did, nor will he resign, IMO. It's just the usual case of a terrible run of form, mixed with an international break and some...