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    Issue is his value to us. You can argue around Fred’s value in isolation, but we’re currently lacking any sort of quality depth in midfield and he is performing for us and we would likely not replace him well; if at all. Especially with Matic...
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    Fernandez has such good decision making. shoot, pass, dribble, retain position or whatever; he usually quickly assess the situation and picks the best thing to do. The rest of the squad usually just panics and makes a rash decision.
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    ...Have you ever experienced a transfer window with United? The exact opposite is the United Way.
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    “Legend” gets shot around far too often in football. But Gregg is one of the people who comfortably earn the title with no dispute. A legend of the game, and a legend away from the pitch. The bravery in him to survive a plane crash and...
  • Jam replied to the thread Win Percentage Under Solskjaer.
    Difference is they’ve won it as managers. The job they were employed here to do. Yeah they didn’t meet expectations but I think they looked much more like managers than Ole does; he should be held to the same standard. I’ll always love Ole as a...
  • Jam replied to the thread Win Percentage Under Solskjaer.
    Why should Ole be given that time and leeway when other more seasoned experienced managers didn’t?
  • It’s a special dance a shaman brought to the Premier League in the mid-nineties that caught on. It asks the god of muscular therapy to grant them protection and heals any knocks they picked up.
  • Absolute degenerates embarrassing the rest of the fanbase. Woodward is incompetent, but he isn’t deserving of a bunch of thugs trying to intimidate his family.
  • Multiple anti-glazer and Woodward chants across the stands. Woodward is a wanker, build a bonfire etc etc
  • Jam replied to the thread Is Pogba as good as gone?.
    The round of 32 isn’t until next month nevermind the semi;)
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    Fans want the team to do well. Fans want to watch players who put in the effort and have a high standard of technical ability and put in good performances. It’s as simple as that.
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    And I’m no doubt sure you’d excel at your work if you had similar circumstances.
  • Jam replied to the thread Watford vs Manchester United.
    Lads, can anyone tell me if the player performances forum is closed during the match???
  • Football is such a simple sport. No nuance at all. Mark the striker. Attack the space. Score the goal. Badabing badaboom.
  • I miss the Evra/Park/Tevez bromance.