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  1. Youri Tielemans

    Story a while ago was that £25-30m could get him.
  2. Westminster Politics

    By the time the next GE comes along in 2024 Labour will have a standing majority! At least then the Tories could have something resembling a leg to stand on when complaining about everything being Labour’s fault!
  3. Youri Tielemans

    I’d be all for loading up our midfield squad with players who can actually, you know, pass. isn’t he available for something daft like £25-30m as his contract is up next year?
  4. Frenkie de Jong

    …but we then signed Cristiano Ronaldo so…
  5. Transfer Tweets - Manchester United - 2022/23 | Follow the rules in the OP

    Deleted? Anything of note?
  6. Abortion

    Translates to: “I detest the fact that women can be independent with their sexuality and not being anchored by sexual activity or experimentation in their formative years.” “I loathe that women can go out, have fun, have casual sex and, should it have landed perfectly on one of the very few...
  7. Abortion

    1. Doing nothing isn’t an option for me when I see headlines about child murder / torture 2. ‘Bad guys would still get guns even if we put in gun control laws’ - yes, some still would, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a net. 3. I previously mentioned how difficult the...
  8. Abortion

    I’m not talking about genes. I’m talking about being ‘pro-life’ in terms of supporting children during development and ensuring that cases where parents cause 60 odd fractures to their children, or deliberately poison, or crush them with car seats, is kept to an absolutely minimum. Because I...
  9. Abortion

    I’m currently feeding my 11 day old daughter after our six year battle to have her, and I fully believe that people should have to prove that they can be parents. I read stories on a weekly basis about parents killing their babies and toddlers because they had no idea what they were getting in...
  10. Abortion

    I don’t for a second underestimate the issues with the practicality of enforcing such a system, but the system is broken right now and children are facing ruined lives and death because of it.
  11. Abortion

    To those so ardently against license to parent, think about the things (in the UK) that you have to have a license for, yet as others have said anyone can bring a child into the world. You have the recent cases of Star Hobson and many others where parents kill children and wonder how they can...
  12. Sort our defence out with two realistic transfers

    FDJ and Kante. A CB pairing of Maguire and Varane is defensively solid, but they’ve had absolutely ZERO protection from the midfield pairing ahead of them.
  13. Abortion

    I'm getting a lot of, "Well I've never had Chicken Pox so Chicken Pox can't possibly exist" vibe from some posters here.
  14. Cancel Culture

    You see this is why I shouldn’t post in forums, I never spot irony in text.
  15. J.K. Rowling - TERF and transphobic

    Corrected that for you there buddy!