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    @GiddyUp @Rhyme Animal put each other on ignore maybe.
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    Thats a conplete myth in my opinion. Just because some people flop, doesnt mean the Premier League is hard to adapt to. Look at Coutinho as a basic example. Amazing here, awful in La Liga. We love to big up our league as an extremely hard league...
  • That makes sense as a rationale in isolation, but when you see goals being chalked off cos the striker's toenail was offside, it's no wonder people bemoan the inconsistent application.
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    Ah shite, yep week on Saturday. Good tip on the summer series though, cheers.
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    I just finally read that Forbes interview. Wow, he talks some nonsense with the 'mark of the beast' stuff about vaccines (@Wibble rejects this theory) and his inability to utter more than two sentences without dragging God into the conversation.
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    Shame PDCTV isn't streaming it free during lockdown. World Matchplay starts on Saturday. Not sure how it'll be with no fans- be odd if they pipe in the idiots singing the YaYa Toure song to create a bit of atmosphere...
  • On my first ever trip to London I saw an old woman have a piss on a busy pavement in Bayswater.
  • Ah right, I can imagine the OC bubble is pretty gilded compared to most places. Things like the tube would be a culture shock to many outside of London here- a level of in your face and rudeness you don't get elsewhere in the country. It's...
  • Sweet FA in incompetence shocker.
  • :lol:It is a pretty sweet roundhouse when you see it from certain angles.
  • What sort of aggro? I was taken aback by the level of homeless in San Francisco and the sheer volume of homeless people absolutely off their heads, wandering along or collapsed on the street.
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    It was cheap and arrived the next day, so I wasn't fussy!
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    This one, but no idea what currency that is in. It cost be about £4 off world of books! https://www.amazon.in/Mice-Men-Mandarin-Classics/dp/0749320524
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    Ah, bit late for me now. Like I said though, the book is about a quarter of the size of Grapes of Wrath, so no real surprise it lacks the depth etc...The version I got had a long foreword by Steinbeck's wife which was interesting though. The guy...
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    I've only read Grapes and Of Mice and Men. The latter is only c120 pages, more a novella, and is a bit of a riff on the crushed dreams of the poor. Not sure of the timeline of when he wrote them, but he was certainly very socially aware. I guess...