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  1. United’s next manager

    Plenty of players and managers are bellends including plenty of United legends. If he comes in and does something akin to what he's doing at Leicester, and especially if he ultimately topples Liverpool, then I'm happy that he commissions all the paintings of himself that he wants.
  2. United’s next manager

    If Ole goes (and I'm really not sure he will be any time soon) then I don't see how we could appoint anyone other than Rodgers. Not only has Leicester shown he can 'do it without Suarez' but also that you don't need 5 years to build an excellent team. I think he'd relish the opportunity of...
  3. 100m budget for 2019 Summer window

    So if we get Bruno then net spend is touching £200m? We do seem to be awful at selling players. Maybe I don't notice it as I'm focusing on who we're buying but no one even seems to bid for our players... maybe that's it's own story.
  4. Manchester United Kits 2019/20

    Have skimmed back through and can't see this anywhere - is the new away not an homage to this one? Sorry but I'm gonna be that guy.... I thought it looked great on the team today.
  5. Does Solskjaer have the staff he needs?

    Whilst I'm in no way suggesting Longstaff is the saviour, it's worth noting that PSG have won precisely zero champions leagues...
  6. Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    Ah hadn't seen that. Certainly hope that's the case. AWB, him and Shaw have great promise.
  7. Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    Delighted to sign this kid, welcome to United AWB. However, I am concerned to see rumours (as a consequence of his signing) that we're happy to let Dalot go. I think he could be really good and surely a better option than Young?
  8. What a crap season

    This season has been utter crap as a United fan. Our own total ineptitude highlighted by the brilliance of our biggest rivals. I can only hope (though not necessarily expect) that our club realise that we are crying out for some real vision to build us into a force again. We need to give them...
  9. Post match vs Huddersfield Town

    I'm lost for words at that. I really am. We need a year-long transfer window. Players I actually want to stay at United: Shaw Lindelof Pogba McTominay Lingard Maybe Rash though he's been properly shit recently. The rest, show the door and start again.
  10. Post match vs Everton

    Even at the peak of the 'bounce', I wasn't convinced Ole was the man to appoint... my worst fears are now bring realised. Frankly, I'm hoping theres some clause in his contract that allows him to be moved on if there's an appalling drop in form... can't see it though. We are in a terrible mess...
  11. Post match vs Bournemouth

    To be honest, I think it's time Solskjaer went. Declining goal return since first match coupled with positive post-match interviews. Ole out. I forgot what enjoying football was like until the last 2 weeks
  12. Post match vs Liverpool

    I can only hope that the board realise that the longer we are totally crap, the more quickly this will happen. Sadly, the signs aren't good.
  13. Post match vs Liverpool

    Worst ever Premier League season. Tanked at your bitterest rivals. Expensively assembled squad that have somehow become very significantly worse as his tenure has gone on. Can someone tell me what needs to happen for Jose to be replaced?
  14. Post match vs Newcastle United

    Head says: Nothing changes, 25 mins of great football does not a season make. We still looked like a bunch of total hopeless fools for most of the game. Mourinho must go. Heart says: Get in, that was awesome! Was that his Mark Robins moment?
  15. Our options are limited, who next?

    Totally agree with this. We want exciting football damn it! It's not as if Mourinho's results have been that awful (last 5 games notwithstanding), it's just we're so painfully dull to watch.