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  1. Shaw confirms ref bottled the penalty

    These fecking whiners talking about how many penalties we get now. Do these bellends not realize that for 5 years we were stuck with pragmatic defensive coaches and now we aren't so we actually try to work the ball into the box which is where penalties happen? No guess it would take too much...
  2. Shaw confirms ref bottled the penalty

    ABU Media. It's why BT Sport after the 9-0 win vs Southampton their whole post-match was them whining about the ref quality being shite because when we were up 6-0 we got a soft penalty and they made it seem like that effected the outcome. Now you have Sky sitting here after this going "ref...
  3. How is that Hudson-Odoi handball not a penalty?

    I mean it absolutely is. He's in the box and his hand in an unnatural position controls the ball away from Greenwood. 100% stonewall
  4. How is that Hudson-Odoi handball not a penalty?

    and it was there, in an unnatural position. 100% stonewall.
  5. Post match vs Newcastle United

    Somehow we won a game 3-1 with current form Martial at striker, the MF 2 being Fred-Matic, Lindelof-Maguire-DDG and Dan James at RW. Who cares how we played, wasn't ever gonna be pretty when you are playing with a team that if you were ranking the current team's strongest possible starting xI...
  6. Manchester United vs Newcastle United

    I don't know but they are currently losing to 4th place Monaco and a few weeks back lost to a team in the relegation zone
  7. Manchester United vs Newcastle United

    Well we seem to love giving up the first & early goal to relegation fodder West Brom scored in the 2nd min last week Sheffield scored in the 23rd min & 5th min Fulham scored in the 5th min Newcastle got an OG in the 2nd min 3 of those have come in the last few weeks. So it very much seems to...
  8. Manchester United vs Newcastle United

    Guy has been utterly useless every time he's played. Jesse Lingard out of form levels. Which is rich because it's now looking like another absolute howler by the board by shelling out 40m on VDB (when there was more immediate needs ) and letting Lingard go on loan to West Ham, which Lingard...
  9. Real Sociedad vs Manchester United

    If Dave was in there he would have booted it to right before the half-way line where it would have fallen to a Sociedad player
  10. You have a £80mil Summer Transfer Budget...

    40m on Zakaria and 40m on Kounde
  11. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2020/21 Performances

    Beyond tired of his wasteful flick-ons and passes in and around the box. For every 1 good 1 he has he has about 40-50 that end up killing the attack
  12. We are an awfully coached team

    Imagine starting Fred and McTominay against West Brom...........
  13. West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United

    Shaw racking up them assists
  14. West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United

    martial missing a tap in.. as usual