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  1. Post match vs Arsenal

    Best summary of Pogba I've seen in ages... How many times now has he cost us points with stupid penalties like this or giving the ball away in dangerous positions. He either doesn't track back after losing the ball or does this stuff when he does. Liability for sure.
  2. We're about to go on a title run, stop with the negativity

    If we win our game in hand we'll only be 3 points off the top after 6 games. Hardly a crisis. the league is wide open at the moment with 10/11 teams all with 4 points.
  3. The [non] use of Van de Beek - Ole's player?

    Not much having potential if he rarely reaches it...come on, Pogba's been at the club 4 years now, he has never realised his potential and most likely never will. He's shown flashes of brilliance here and there but has never had the impact on the team that Bruno has had. Having him in the team...
  4. Post match vs Chelsea

    We probably could have if we played soon as I saw James in the lineup I didn't expect much from the game, certainly not a win. No. team will challenge for the title with him in the starting 11.
  5. Premier league matches to be shown on PPV basis via BT and Sky

    The way Utd are playing at the moment it's hard to watch them even when it's free...
  6. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    Please don't compare Ronaldo with Pogba, what they brought to the team are world's apart. Ronaldo performed far better and far more consistently than Pogba has ever done and helped us to a CL title
  7. Top 4 race: most unpredictable ever?

    Agreed, I don't think we will be in the top 4 at any point during the season.
  8. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    We showed last season that we don't need him. He's way over-rated. His performances over the past 4 seasons wouldn't justify any club paying more than 50 million for him. I'd be amazed if anyone offered more than that. Bruno cost about half of what Pogba did and has had a far greater impact...
  9. It's looking like we're not going to sign a single undisputed Starting 11 player.

    DvB has been a top player in a great Ajax side for several seasons and has performed consistently well, if we have any sense he'll replace Pogba who is mostly average to poor when he plays. DvB also seems a much more intelligent footballer. Pogba has been outperformed by many 'lesser'...
  10. Harry Maguire | 2020/21 Performances

    We paid a world record price for a pretty average to decent CB, not world class by any stretch of the imagination. We got rinsed but of course it was going to happen as we didn't seem to have any other players in mind but him and everyone knew that. Our lack of planning and scouting is shambolic...
  11. What is the solution to our midfield?

    Best midfield performances we've had in the past few years was from Jan to April this year, after Bruno joined, while Pogba was out injured. We have shown we don't need him and now with VdB also joining we have even less need for him. Pogba is more of a liability than an asset at this stage...
  12. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    Just don't expect to get anything near what we paid for him...his performances since returning wouldn't justify anything more than 50M tbh. How many times has he looked world class? Not too many over 4 seasons. He's looked garbage far more times. We showed last season that we can be as good, if...
  13. Leeds United discussion | Bielsa watch

    That's us these days...
  14. Can this team challenge for the title?

    Not a hope, will be lucky to make top 6. Pogba is bang average in 90% of the games he plays (many still claim he's world class however!).VdB deserves a spot in the first 11. Lindelof/Maguire partnership is decent but not top class. Rashford is very hit and miss as is Martial. Considering how...
  15. Leicester City 19/20

    They have bought very wisely, they have built a great team without breaking the bank at the same time as cashing in for some of their top players. Very impressed with how the club is run.