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  1. Teden Mengi Attitude on Hugging/Laughing with Opposition is a breath of fresh air

    I didn’t see the game, but keeps reading here that Mengi in fact was in fault for several goals, whilst Hannibal actually played a good game. That’s fair, but really not the point as I see it. It’s a prinsiple and for good reason. I think it has nothing to do at all with nostalgia. A former...
  2. Harry Maguire | 2020/21 Performances

    Think he struggled pretty much in the first half, and the team’s offensive marking was poor in general. A better team than Wolves would have punished us for that. More control in the second half, but I still miss more urgency and pace in his passing. Too many times he slows us down, and I really...
  3. Aaron Wan-Bissaka | 2020/21 Performances

    His offensive problems are more advanced than just his crossing. He generally struggles to find good offensive positions. I guess some of it are due to coaching, but also because he is insecure and defensive minded. That should have been improved by now. My other big problem with him going...
  4. Premier League Gameweek 14

    Wow! The red card is correct since taking away a big goal chance, but Andersen’s foul stops outside the penalty box, so it’s really just a free kick. Shocking
  5. How good is Harry Kane?

    Very good striker, world class of course, but since I am Norwegian I would say Håland is even better and it’s almost not a joke either
  6. Post match vs RB Leipzig

    This team really love to let their fans down, dont they?
  7. Raiola: "I can say that it's over for Pogba at United"

    Surely this has to be close to a breach of his contract. Pogba is a United employee and beeing paid to do a best possible job. With this statement from Raiola, Pogba will without any doubt be lacking the right focus tonight and forward, and on top of that the moral in the team will be weakened...
  8. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    Both Martial and Rashford are brilliant finishers on their day, but both also miss too many sitters. My biggest concern with them is that neither look natural as strikers or wide forwards except when we play on the counter.
  9. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    Mata is close to brilliant when the team is ticking and people are making runs. When the team is pedestrian like today, there is no use for him there. I like Mata, I think everyone does. I just wish he could be one of the players to raise the standars when needed instead of surfing on the wave..
  10. Why has only 1 German ever played for United?

    Yes, born in Poland but a German NT player
  11. Why has only 1 German ever played for United?

    Klinsmann, Hitzlsperger, Podolski, Ozil, Riedle, Ballack, Leno, Hamann, Lehmann, Mertesacker, Rudiger, Sane, Gundogan springs to mind. Some big sucesses, but mostly ok/average players. Strange one really
  12. Carrick is one of Man United, England's most underrated players ever

    Not so much underrated at United. We know what he ment to us, but criminally underrated in England. I ment it was Xavi saying he would be much more appriciated in Spain. Laughable really. Can probably say something simular about Scholes too.
  13. Donny van de Beek | 2020/21 Performances

    Surprised and disseapointed to not see him today, but there is no way Woodward sign players Ole doesn’t want. Some players go straight in to the team, others need more time.
  14. The Tottenham Hotspur 2020/21 thread

    So why is it not a red when players do excactly the same in any other game to stop counters? That’s also tacklings from behind with no aiming for the ball. I think the key here is if the challenge is violent (dangerous) or not and both the ref and VAR ment it was nothing more than a professional...