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  • United getting rid of Sanchez seems to be almost as important for United's progression as signing Sancho is.
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    You might be right. I remember the game at Burnley where Mane wanted to punch him at one point for not passing.
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    Weird season for him. He's still produced fantastic numbers in terms of goals and assists but I've found him so frustrating to watch at times. Always has his head down and is so greedy in the box. He's been an incredible signing though. I think...
  • No way we're in for Sancho. We couldn't afford Werner but we can afford Sancho? No chance.
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    Completely agree. Klopp got similar criticism when he finished 8th in his first season (without winning anything), but that squad wasn’t his and then after he’d had a transfer window he had us back in the top four. Arteta’s done brilliantly to...
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    I work with a guy who is convinced Trump is definitely going to win in November. Is this likely or is Biden going to do as well as the polls suggest?
  • I lean more towards digital now. The last physical game I bought was Red Dead Redemption 2 last year. I don’t buy new games very often either, but find myself downloading ones that become available with the Xbox game pass. There’re some pretty...
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    For the NDP to take their place as the left wing party on offer?
  • Oh nice where you headed? Did you apply for PR or get a working holiday visa? Seems like they are allowing people to enter with WHV's or new PR's under some circumstances.
  • Yeah as of right now I don't benefit from freedom of movement at all just because I'm just a permanent resident, but once I get citizenship in a couple of years I'll have freedom of movement within Schengen via my Canadian passport (you get a...
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    Yea I wouldn't be happy if Wijnaldum went. He's important to how our midfield functions under Klopp. Milner would be more of a loss to the dressing room than on the pitch but I don't think we'll miss Lallana. Chamberlain is another midfield...
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    I think we'll end up signing him once Bayern are finished with the Champions League. I feel oddly confident we'll get this one done.
  • How's things going with permanent residency there? Is it easy to do if you've already been residing there for a while? I feel fortunate that I have PR in Canada now. The UK looks so unattractive to me as a place to live right now.
  • I really don't get it with Ake. Doesn't seem like he'd improve City at all defensively.