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  1. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    For anyone needing a pick me up: Kept Ronaldo Took a -4 to bring in Havertz and captained him Started Christensen who got benched Left TAA on the bench. Down from 170k to 530k. I'm Done with this game and the Pl for the next month.
  2. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    It's okay. We go again next season :devil:
  3. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    I hope this ends with a hammering. First time saying this as a united fan. 3-1 won't get Ole sacked. 6-0 will. This needs to stop, we are going nowhere. This is as bad as I remember.
  4. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Second worst defence in the league after Norwich, I'm not even kidding. It's ridiculously easy to score against us.
  5. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Kovacic, Jorginho, CHO, Chilwell, Mount, James and Max Aarons all getting attacking returns. Havertz playing as a striker does nothing. Another Brilliant GW incoming.
  6. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Horrible week after horrible week for me. Ramsdale conceding late, Christensen benched, Captain Havertz seeing every other Chelsea player scoring eith ease.
  7. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Arsenal can't keep a clean sheet to save their lives.
  8. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Lethargic, Slow, Sloppy, static, unimaginative and lazy.
  9. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    We are absolutely pathetic when playing around our own box.
  10. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Really hope Maguire is 100% fit for this, Ole tends to rush back injured players.
  11. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    WC rewards: Cancelo 0 Alonso 0 Ronaldo 2 37 all out. My Uni League leader is having an absolute mental seaon, 25th OR with 535 points!
  12. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Great start to the wildcard Transferred out Greenwood and Shaw, captain benched :lol:
  13. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    He is getting better each game. Newcastle West ham in the cup and Villareal were good cameos from him. Not worried at all. He is exactly the type of player you expect to struggle at first. Just Needs that first goal or asisst to kick start his season.
  14. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Most difficult WC I can remember, honestly just want the deadline to arrive. Final draft: Ramsdale Foster Cancelo Rudiger Alonso Tomiyasu Liveramento Salah Sarr Saka Raphinha Gallagher ASM Antonio Ronaldo Next week I'll go Sarr to Brownhill and I'll have 3.4 to get Lukaku in for ASM for a hit...
  15. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Any leaks yet regarding Ronaldo? I'm on a WC currently without Lukaku and the armband on Ronny. Got a nagging feeling he will get reated.