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  • If my math is correct, Schmeichel joined United at the age of 28. De Gea is now 29. It’s a bit premature to write off De Gea just yet.
  • Fred and Scott are just not DM material. Closing out a 3-0 match, sure, they can do the job. But if Matic is out for a long spell we have no cover for him whatsoever.
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    Every squad needs a squad player like Daniel James. Hard working, positive on and off the pitch, someone to fill the gaps when first team players need rest. Let’s give him a chance to develop and succeed, whatever that means for the club.
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    Ander had every right to go for the big paycheck. We could still have used him this season, especially during Pogba's long absence, but he's long gone and there's little reason to do anything but wish him the best.
  • Not a fan at all of the new home kit, but it could have been a lot worse. We'll get over it quickly.
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    Forgettable, which is actually a great thing. This was not a night for a memorable performance. Clocked punched, job done. Turn the page and forget about this one.
  • I could only watch the first half today, but what I've seen so far from TFM through the end of the first half is actually pretty impressive stuff. I'm not sure what the long term answer is for him, whether he embraces a specialty role or becomes...
  • A new DM, no question. Matic can still do a fantastic job for us, but his workload needs to be managed do that his successor going into 21/22 — by which time a expect us to make serious run the the LL and CL trophies — will have gained the...
  • We’ve rid ourselves of two cancerous tumors, Mourinho and Sanchez. Job well done by management, who admittedly put us in this place to begin with, and we move onward..and by the look of things, upward.
  • Agree with this. I'm old enough to have seen all three grow up, as well as Ronaldo. Posters forget how streaky Rooney was. He'd go on a savage 6-8 game run and then go cold for 6-8 games, for years. I wouldn't say he was injury prone, but you...
  • A player has to take some responsibility himself for the numerous injuries he suffers. Not all, clearly, but Jones was far too reckless on the pitch and brought much of this on himself. He'll live a comfortable life, but what a waste of a career.
  • The move for Sanchez, followed by wrecking Martial's soul, was really atrocious stuff by Mourinho. Sanchez had been brilliant for Arsenal for several years, but hadn't he turned to trash for quite some time before we brought him to Old Trafford?
  • Word is, Sanchez has actually pretty decent for Inter. Still, it's best for all parties that we send off Sanchez as soon as possible, with hopefully no residual wage obligations whatsoever.
  • I'd love to see the acquisition happens sooner rather than later. I'm sure this has been asked and answered before here, but I haven't noticed it. If we brought in Sancho today would he be eligible to help us wrap up EL play this month?
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    If Sancho is coming, then no to Willian. But if not, and for whatever reason we need to wait another season for Sancho, then a punt on Sancho wouldn't have been such a bad idea at all. There's a sense out there that we're also bringing in...