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  1. A Solskjaer Masterclass. Whoop Whoop!!!

    Has there ever been a more frustrating and enigmatic team than United? When they show what they can do, you have to wonder how they ever manage to be so completely different at other times. Even if they'd conceded a losing goal tonight, would still have been pleased with both performance and...
  2. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances Paul Scholes says the same if we don't want to listen to a Liverpool player... It's ridiculous to compare Bruno and Mata - Bruno is 26, Mata is 32. Mata at 26 was...
  3. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    I thought you were talking about Anant as it was his post you quoted. Sorry.
  4. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    I thought that was the gist of what he was saying - that overall, good players need each other?
  5. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    Well you're wasting mine by constantly putting your own spin on what I say. I never said he should have started. I did ask for opinions on why as the in form player, he didn't. I said he would have been in my line up - but I also said that there were likely several reasons why my line up...
  6. You're welcome

    You're welcome
  7. Youre welcome

    Youre welcome
  8. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    Ffs, by 'right from the start' I meant the game against Spurs. I didn't have a particular opinion until the season got underway :rolleyes: And as the season progresses, I'll likely change my mind because I have this strange idea of using the players who are in form. Wasting people's time...
  9. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    My midfield from the start would have been Mata, VDB, Fernandes and Greenwood, with Martial and Rashford up front. I suppose there are numerous reasons why that wouldn't work, but it would excite me. An attack minded formation. Pogba not exactly known for his urgency, and Matic can be so laid...
  10. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    To weave a bit of magic and create a goal maybe? What else? And I don't have an issue with Fred or McT. I'm just asking out of curiosity, why the in form player wasn't used. There may be a number of valid reasons. It's an enquiry, not a complaint. Maybe it wasn't obvious I meant why wasn't...
  11. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    Apologies. I was counting all games. Bit pedantic saying he was on the bench. I was asking why he wasn't used, bearing in mind that he was the in form player - 2 MoMs and September Player of the Month - and we were being totally outplayed.
  12. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    Firstly, four games into a season where we haven't been especially convincing, the 14 week run is irrelevant. Secondly, I didn't say he should start. I was asking why an in form player wasn't considered at all. For the record, during the 14 game run, it wasn't an issue - I don't have an...
  13. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    Can't agree there. Imo, in form players should always be used, whether from the start or as sub.
  14. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    Untrue. Mata has been underused, but when coming on as a sub frequently changed the game, or at least made it look like something might happen. He often stuck out as a player who was at least making an effort. I've lost count (well to be fair, I never kept count) of the times he would have a...
  15. Juan Mata | 2020/21 Performances

    I agree he hasn't always had great games, but more than some others? I don't think so. What's alway frustrated me is how some players can turn in far worse performances, far more often, but still get revered. Mata has just had three MoM games, and didn't get on at all against Spurs for our...