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  1. Gaming PlayStation 5 (Console)

    This is my first ever console (also not much of a gamer apart from stuff like FIFA and the occasional FPS). I'm loving it, the ability to sit back and play on a large screen in 4k is awesome. Been playing FIFA 21, and Batman Arkham Knight. What an incredible game to begin with!
  2. Daniel James | 2020/21 Performances

    Yeah exactly this. Is he a first team starter? No, but he can be a good squad option who'll be more effective in some matches than others.
  3. We are 2nd in the league and deserve to be there. Agree?

    If we are 2nd in the table after 30 odd games, of course we deserve to be 2nd. I don't think that the league position at the end ever lies. You can fluke a cup win, but not a league title.
  4. How many players do we need to sign this summer?

    At the very least, we have tried to address the CB and CDM issue. It's truly baffling how we've just ignore RW since like a decade now.
  5. Has Martial done enough to be backed as our long-term #9?

    We are turning on him "the moment he starts underperforming", really? Think you need to look at the definition of moment again mate, cause it certainly doesn't mean a full season. Also it's not just that he's not scoring goals this season is it? He's offered no link up play, no movement...
  6. Europa League Round of 16 Draw | United vs Milan

    Bring it on! Good draw. I am not going to stay up late to watch some team whose name I can't pronounce. This is worth watching. I do hope Arsenal and Spurs meet each other at some point though, that would help us a lot.
  7. Has Martial done enough to be backed as our long-term #9?

    It's incredibly surprising to see him play this bad throughout the season after the season he had last time. He was on absolute fire post covid break. Think it's best for both parties if he moves to a new club and we get a new striker at this point. We have waited long enough for him to find...
  8. Cavani, Hit or Miss?

    Yeah he hasn't been world class, but has showed glimpses of it, and why having a number 9 like that would benefit the team. Hope we learn from that. Prime Cavani would have made a massive difference to this team.
  9. Cavani, Hit or Miss?

    I doubt even Martial would be like that anytime soon. Don't think it has to be a hit or a miss, but it's definitely more on the hit side. Shown us what a proper 9 can bring to the table and scored some goals in tight games for us. Cavani should have been bought much sooner than this year...
  10. Daniel James | 2020/21 Performances

    I feel like most of our players would improve massively in a well drilled system. Decision making has not been a strong point of our forwards.
  11. Most dislikeable players in the PL

    Robertson cause he's a cnut Salah cause he's a diving prick Shaquiri cause no reason, just hate his face
  12. If Pep took over us instead of City would we have won the PL ?

    I think so yes. You also have to consider the allure to players : Playing for Manchester United and Pep would be a dream for most players. I also think players like Rashford would have massively improved under him. Some players need help with decision making and having set patterns of play...
  13. Real Sociedad vs Manchester United

    I feel like Rashford is the kind of player who would benefit from a manager who has strict systems and patterns of play, really struggles with his decision making.
  14. Can someone please explain De Gea’s overnight decline?

    Nice analysis, quite shocking that he's beyond 10th rank for most things. Highest paid keeper in the world... Not that that's his fault, but still. Don't think we'd be able to offload him easily as well. I think it's best for everyone involved if we drop him for a month and play Henderson...
  15. You have a £80mil Summer Transfer Budget...

    This is the only correct answer.