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  1. Leeds United discussion | Bielsa watch

    Yes, Bilbao were excellent in that classic game, under the guidance of Bielsa. One to remember. The manager struck me immediately as a contender for something great.
  2. Greenwood and Foden kicked out of England squad for bringing girls into hotel room

    Yes. Its an outrage. Greenwood is still a kid, seems nice enough, likes sex. My God whatever next?
  3. Rio Ferdinand’s 2003 drugs ban under fresh scrutiny

    It relates to a minor drugs offence, doesn’t it? It’s arguable whether personal consumption should be a crime at all, let alone some ancient nonsense like this. There are more important things with which to engage, surely? [QUOTE="Red Foxx, post: 25765049, member: 119807"
  4. Post match vs Southampton

    Ah yes, silly of me.. I should add, though, for the benefit of those ‘venting’ - I fecking hate Southampton too!
  5. Post match vs Southampton

    I think we watched different games- Lindelof played well, cut off numerous inbound shots/ passes through his positional intelligence. I don’t think his play is appreciated on here, as he is not a Vidic style defender.
  6. Post match vs Southampton

    Agreed. As a relative newcomer here, I’m a little baffled at the response when things don’t go as planned. The CAF goes insane. I know that Southampton goal at the very end was a sickener, but that doesn’t mean Utd are now shit, or bottling it.What happened, in my view, is that some of our...
  7. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    In other words, one might say that Martial is a human being. On that note, it's so great to see the exuberance with which he's currently playing. I agree with those who say he's been just as good as Rashford. Though they're different players, it's clear that a good relationship has developed...
  8. Seven games away from the most promising league season since Fergie

    Yes. I feel that this has been building for the last few months, and that the situation for UTD is full of promise for the first time in several years...
  9. Jack Grealish / signs new 5 year contract

    Hair cuts are important. Think back to when footballers were like Liverpool players, moustachioed and Macho and existing in an eternal 1970s... Cast your eye back on David Beckham and his tasteful post punk barnet, and what giant steps forward were taken in football culture as a consequence of...
  10. What players in the team will you absolutely not sell no matter the price?

    Well, I can see the attraction, but personally I’d hate to sell Pogba or Martial- though with Paul, as somebody else observed above, it depends on whether he wants to be here. If he doesn’t, then yeh id let him go for big bucks. Hope he doesn’t though- I really like this team now, although I...
  11. What players in the team will you absolutely not sell no matter the price?

    To be honest, I think it would be a bad mistake to sell any of our top line players at the moment (I realise the OP is Of course just taking us on a sort of fun exercise). But It’s been so great lately to see the team playing as a team, developing a chemistry that is genuinely exciting and has...
  12. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    yes, that is particularly difficult, I find. He looks so lost, and Michael Carrick just looks like he wishes he was anywhere else. It appears that Ole is simply paralysed, and always leaves. necessary substitutions, which the CAF is screaming out for in the match threads, until it’s too late...
  13. Fred | 2019/20 Performances

    I love Fred now. I also feel that Scholes, though a great player, is a miserable sod as a pundit...
  14. Jack Grealish v James Maddison

    I couldn’t find a middle paragraph out of the two above. Nonetheless, I would go for Grealish myself. I think he's an excellent player and have a sort of intuition that he would be just what Utd need right now.