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  1. Post match vs Liverpool

    I agree fairly precisely with all of this. Unfortunately, at the moment it is looking disturbingly like last summer in terms of transfers, one or two of which are so badly needed at the present. I’m worried and frequently disappointed at the state of the club, but also feel the promise in some...
  2. Is Pogba as good as gone?

    This is a disturbingly positive take on the Pogba affair...
  3. Christian Eriksen

    I agree. It’s not so much a matter of his age for me, but of a sluggishness in his play that was not always there. He just has the atmosphere of someone I’d steer clear of. Just an opinion based on watching players play (good heavens!), but I would prefer someone like Bruno Fernandez.
  4. Ole & United vs. Frank & Chelsea: who will have the better season?

    Oh g-d, that's true. That's where it all went wrong.
  5. Press Gossip - 2020

    Hope that went well, Gossip Girl...