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    Sad news a great man and excellent speaker .
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    I expect he will take over Barcelona or Real Madrid next .
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    Or you have watched him playing in a different league in a defensive team
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    Arsenal . Better to win a trophy than not win one
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    Has to be one of the most overrated players in the modern game . Bar penalties which he just blasts down the middle every time he can't score
  • It is if he tried squeezing more money out of them after everything was agreed
  • Going by most reports the Premier League were going to approve the deal and the reason it fell through was Mike Ashley tried to squeeze more money than originally agreed. So if true they now know they would be allowed to buy a premiership club
  • Vegas could get overbearing and I really detest any attempt to legitimize a you tuber . It should be for real comedians or actors whether established or up and coming not some twat making you tube videos
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    If as seems likely this years season doesn't happen what on earth will happen with next year's draft ? Surely they can't keep the same order and have the Bengals pick Trevor Lawrence to go with Joe Burrows
  • That's extremely underwhelming a you tuber, johnny Vegas who has one gimmick done to death, the last person you think of taking from the IT crowd and feck knows the other two Still no Rachel Riley so I'm in
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    The obvious hole Greenwood scored 17 goals from ?
  • Griezmann
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    Isn't Cantwell a huge Liverpool fan and always tweeting about them ?
  • Have done some detective work and predicting Jimmy Carr Susie Dent Rosie Jones Jason Bryne Stuart laws
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    Loved it so much he left and the one time he did do well and scored against us he loved winding it in with his celebration