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  1. Europa League 20/21

    It's almost 6 years. KDB turned 29 a few months ago and Rooney turns 35 in a couple of days. But yeah, I always get surprised at how old KDB is, for some reason I always think of him as being about 24.
  2. Ronaldo's debut vs. Bolton (Aug 16, 2003)

    Somebody did say: "Gotta say that although ya can't knock 4-0 I just don't like Ole playing on the right! Never have." Close enough for me.
  3. Ronaldo's debut vs. Bolton (Aug 16, 2003)

    From memory somebody put an article about Djemba Djemba through the babelfish website to translate it to English, and it translated his name to Jim Pakistan. So everybody on the forum started calling him that for a while.
  4. Is it time to burst “Rashy’s” bubble?

    Kaka had a great CL but he wasn't even the best player in the Seria A that year (that was Totti). From memory he didn't play any internationals either. Overall Ronaldo had the better season but the CL was given too much importance in the rankings. The entire build-up to the semi-final clash was...
  5. Ronaldo's debut vs. Bolton (Aug 16, 2003)

    I normally watch the highlights of his debut every year or so. It, along with the 7-1 against Roma, were probably the most 'fun' moments I've ever had watching football. Two moments where I just sat there throughout the entire thing with a huge smile on my face, enjoying the absolute brilliance...
  6. Mason Greenwood | 2020/21 Performances

    From memory when Anderson and Nani first joined us and were living with him he hired a bunch of hookers for all of them. I guess you could say he was just being a good host.
  7. Erling Haaland or Jadon Sancho?

    It doesn't active for another two years.
  8. Axel Tuanzebe | 2020/21 Performances

    Rio and Silvestre played together quite a lot. On a related note, people always forget how good Silvestre was for the first half of 03/04. Most people on the forum at the time felt he'd been our best player that season and probably second best only to Henry throughout the entire league...
  9. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    He wasn't particularly good on or off the ball in the first half (wasn't bad either), but second half he was a monster. Your point of him never showing for a pass is a bit strange, as normally he is by far our best midfielder at that aspect. Matic and McTominay tend to 'show for the pass' by...
  10. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    Fred played very well with Matic for those few games before lockdown last season as well (including beating Chelsea and City), and even with Pogba against Sevilla in the Europa (even though we lost it was actually our best performance for a month or two). Basically, he really should be first...
  11. Victor Lindelöf | 2020/21 Performances

    Very good while we were playing with the back three. Only note of caution is that I thought he had one or two iffy moments against Kean after we changed to four at the back.
  12. Bruno, Fred, McT

    Against teams who will have most of the ball - yes. When we are expecting to have most of the ball I think Matic needs to come in for one of them (probably McTominay).
  13. Post match vs Paris St Germain

    Would have smashed them if we had pre-injury Rashford. Credit to him though he still got the winning goal despite that, hopefully that'll help his confidence. Overall I expected PSG to struggle against this line-up, although I wasn't expecting them to be as bad as what they were.
  14. Paris St Germain vs Manchester United

    Not sure why so many people are so surprised about the line-up. My big question marks were whether we'd play De Gea/Henderson and Tuanzebe/TFM (unfortunately I went the wrong way for both in the tipping), but the rest of the team I was fairly confident about. Fred and McTominay were always...
  15. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    I always take player player weights (and often heights) on the net with a pinch of salt. I tend to think that they are officially recorded when they first start playing professionally (so when they are about 16 years old) and never updated. A good example that somebody recently bought up is that...