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  1. Jack Grealish

    He adds depth.
  2. Van der Vaart on Maguire

    Has anybody seen this? What do people think? He's quite obviously talking out of his sphincter. Sorry if in wrong location!
  3. Where do you rank Mason Greenwood as a talent?

    Best footballer under the age of 20 worldwide for me. Nobody comes close to his finishing, so natural.
  4. Mason Greenwood | 2019/20 Performances

    Best young striker in world football (<20)
  5. Post match vs Bournemouth

    Come on our defence has been solid for 90% of the season.. They had an off game today but overall it's much improved.
  6. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    Yeah though I don't think that was a penalty if I am honest and the Matic pass wasn't the best... Now I would have taken players off a few minutes ago.
  7. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    Yeah I am more than aware, an extra 20 minutes.. Kill it off and then remove the main 3.
  8. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    No, go for the kill and score another couple. None of these are tired, the game is very passive.
  9. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    He's supposed to be a world class goalkeeper, should be prepared for any and all situations.
  10. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    Why? They have just had 3 months of rest and are extremely fit individuals... He should play all the minutes he can.
  11. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    You can indeed but I always fear Lindelof has a mistake in him or a moment of weakness, much more reliable than Bailly though!
  12. NonceUponATimeInEpsteinAndAndyLand

    Implying that the FBI doesn't know already... They're probably involved themselves.
  13. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    Maguire is outstanding, our best defender easily. Lindelof still scares me a little sometimes.
  14. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    How is it true though? You say he is a FAR better player.. He's not. As I said Shaw has been a huge part of why our defence has looked so good recently and the only player to play the whole unbeaten run.
  15. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    I will give you the Manc part... rest I ain't agreeing with.