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  1. Jadon Sancho - "White Smoke over Old Trafford"

    Just pay them whatever, if they want another 10-20 million upfront. Just go out and get an official doorknob or cutting board sponsor.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo : The Juventus Chapter

    Even though PSG dont need him, they want him. PSG isnt even a football team is a attention seeking apparatus and CR7 will do that.
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo : The Juventus Chapter

    Needs to go, how they think putting him with Bernadeshi and Higuain is acceptable is beyond me. Neymar - CR7 - Mbappe :eek:
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo : The Juventus Chapter

    Think hes going to leave for PSG, he wants one more CL.
  5. Jadon Sancho - "White Smoke over Old Trafford"

    God it's 10 mill just get it done. Sign a new official light bulb or soup or some garbage.
  6. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    I mean fair play to him if this is all true. Could have just done feck all for 3 more years and picked up what 60 million, playing with the u18s in training every day.
  7. Jadon Sancho - "White Smoke over Old Trafford"

    I am starting to lose faith... Forgive me.
  8. Jadon Sancho - "White Smoke over Old Trafford"

    So what are we thinking for number? 7, 11, something else. IMO Id rather Greenwood get 7 and Sancho 11 or 13.
  9. What is more likely? That United get much better or that City and Liverpool get worse?

    Liverpool will regress over the next 5 years city will always Be 1/2/3 even on a down year. It's simply that city will spend and spend and spend again if a 40 million player flops. Lfc will never nail the front three replace job they have and they won't simply be able to go spend again if...
  10. If one random team in the bottom 10 are allowed to play the entire 20/21 season with 12 men in every game. Do they win the league?

    You could see some crazy formations with lots of new things weve never seen. 4-4-3 - Imagine being able to tell both fullbacks to not even think about going pact half field as the overlapping runs are now made by a wide midfielder. 4-2-3-2 - Imagine two Vardys defending from the front in a...
  11. Our POTY 2019/20

    I voted for rashford, he was the only reason we were even close enough to still have top 4 hope when the break came. We rode him into the ground and he got hurt. Bruno my a mile from Jan on but it's impossible to have a player of the year join in Jan IMO.
  12. Jack Grealish

    I have to be honest, I just don't see the hype with him at all. I also dont see why we need him. His main positions are CAM and LW, both where we have options. CAM Bruno Pogba Even Greenwood and Fred can play there. LW Rashford James Martial Chong can also play both of those spots and I have...
  13. Manchester United vs LASK

    Mental that some people expect our guys who are clearly already visibly tired, and just played 2 matches a week for 6 weeks straight, be totally fine with getting maybe one week off before the start of next season. Sad reality is we have CL in our hands and yes winning a trophy is important but...
  14. Manchester United vs LASK

    Give those who will start in the QF a week off start a massively rotated team for this one. Not sure if some of the u23s are eligible for this but I would have little problem giving a few some mins off the bench. It's 5-0 and if we get 1 they need 6 to send us out.