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  1. 2020 US Elections

    Is Don Jr. always coked out of his mind?
  2. Greenwood is the Best Finisher in the League

    In some ways you could even say, that it is Ole's first real test.
  3. 2020 US Elections

    Great, thanks. Looks pretty good for Sleepy Joe then!
  4. 2020 US Elections

    Stupid question here, but Biden winning the popular vote in Florida would not necessarily mean him winning the state right? It would still come down to districts etc.?
  5. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    We desperately need three points in the league - still have Everton and City coming up! Would be interested to see the diamond again in this game. Something like this: DDG AWB - Lindelof - Maguire - Shaw McTominay Fred - Pogba Bruno Greenwood - Rashford
  6. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    It was a great performance, but he was definitely a large part of the reason why we couldn't play our way out of Leipzig's pressure in parts of the first half. Obviously a bit nitpicky, but hopefully it is an aspect of his game he can improve.
  7. Anthony Martial | 2020/21 Performances

    Really happy for him to open his account for the season. On top of the goal, he was really good throughout the game - had a lot of good touches and runs down the left.
  8. Mason Greenwood | 2020/21 Performances

    Great to know he is back in the team, and is as sharp as ever. Once again he has been well-managed by Ole. Pretty remarkable that the academy has produced two of the brightest forward talents in the world! In some ways, we are a bit spoiled.
  9. The Fox News Thread

    Also, why not mention the name of the carrier, if it is indeed a 'brandname company'? Maybe because it didn't happen and whatever carrier they chose for their lie would immediately deny it?
  10. Other Joe Rogan

    Right, I actually saw some clips from JRE with him - seems like a real psychopath.
  11. Other Joe Rogan

    Really? Which killers has he had on?
  12. Other Joe Rogan

    How can he continue to have Alex Jones on after how he treated the parents of the Sandy Hook victims? This isn't a matter of hearing 'both sides' or anything like that. Jones is a piece of shit that should not be given air time by anyone.
  13. Film Is Titanic a Bad Film?

    If you have an hour to spare and enjoy black humour, RedLetterMedia has a pretty good take on why Titanic is both a great and a terrible movie.
  14. The Trump Presidency

    The level of desperation is astonishing :lol:
  15. 2020 US Elections

    What about the EU :wenger: ?