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  1. Transfers: Where do you stand?

    There are very, very few players worth breaking the budget for. A high percentage of expensive transfers flop and it's essentially unpredictable. The great teams are built with sensible and patient transfer business.
  2. Christian Eriksen

    Yeah, and probably Gareth Bale on a free as well while we’re at it.
  3. Adrien Rabiot

    Steer well clear. He’s trouble.
  4. Ralf Rangnick | Austria manager

    I hope he does well for Austria. They have some cracking players and Ralf seems like a good bloke.
  5. Raphaël Varane | 2021/22 Performances

    Looks like Madrid sold him at the right time. Hopefully he can turn it around.
  6. Christian Eriksen

    We should stop signing ageing players with question marks over their form, fitness and suitability. This would be a desperation signing.
  7. Christian Eriksen

    I can see us doing this even though it’s clearly a terrible idea.
  8. Jurriën Timber

    Yeah, I agree. I’d just work down the list until we run out of money.
  9. Jurriën Timber

    Can’t one of Bailly, Jones, Tuanzebe or Mengi be the fourth choice CB, if needs be? They probably won’t see much game time anyway bar an injury crisis. And if we sign a new starting CB, will any of Varane, Maguire or Lindelof be happy being fourth choice? Probably not, so you need to sell one...
  10. Jurriën Timber

    It depends. I don’t think central defence is an area that we are so weak that we have to abandon our preferred signings for the sake of waiting a year.
  11. Jurriën Timber

    I agree with this take. My priority order right now would be: 1. Central midfielder (or two) 2. Forward 3. Fullback 4. Centre back
  12. How many players will leave this summer?

    The new players will have wages too. And revenue will be down. Don't think there's much hope of a £200m net spend.
  13. Captaincy…

    It needs to be someone who will play every game. So one of Fred or McTominay.
  14. Jesse Lingard 'to leave on a free'

    If you look at Sancho's instagram posts, I think he has the potential to fill Jesse's shoes.