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  1. Television WandaVision

    It was in Agents of Shield :mad: The fact that I'm probably the only person to have bothered watching that far is irrelevant. It was also apparently in Runaways, but I've absolutely no idea what that is.
  2. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    I’m sure I read whoever it is is under 50, so that rules Kurt out.
  3. Gaming Games finished in 2021

    I never played the first. I’d put it about the same as 2 though, maybe just under. The idea of having multiple playable characters seems fun, but I found myself mainly sticking with two of mine. Beyond that addition, it was very much like the second in terms of the puzzles, stealth, and...
  4. Gaming Games finished in 2021

    So far: Maneater Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Cyberpunk 2077 Concrete Genie Tekken 7 Control Watch Dogs: Legion And I finished Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch this year, but started, and did most of, it last year.
  5. Inter failed to pay Lukaku transfer bonus; ManUtd asked for Skriniar or Lautaro to close the deal

    I don’t think it’s going to happen but I’m posting anyway because I could do with the money :smirk:
  6. Gaming Elden Ring - Fromsoftware

    George R R Martin is writing it? 2022 seems optimistic then. (I'm aware it's not just him, let me have my fun).
  7. Gaming Pokémon Strumfest

    Ghost of Pokeshima looks good. I want the Snap, but the first one was really short, so I'd want to check how much gameplay I can get out of this new one before buying.
  8. Gaming PlayStation 5 (Console)

    Sifu, Kena and Deathloop look interesting, might add them to my rental list. FNAF - I've not played the series, but this is the first time you've been able to actually go "out and about," right? - that seems like a pretty major change, and I wonder how fans will take to it. Dodgeball The Game...
  9. Gaming Mass Effect Legendary edition - out 14th May 2021 is your friend. But according to Steam, ME1 took me 29.2 hours, and ME2 69.1. Not sure on 3 because that was on some other weird platform. Edit: I might have replayed 2, actually. So about 30 hours each?
  10. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    I'm really sad they announced it. I wanted to see a recreation of the Rowan incident. Jericho: The Big Show! Excalibur: Paul Wight! Jericho: I CAN'T BELIEVE THE BIG SHOW IS HERE.
  11. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    I remember Dusty Rhodes being famous for his six-pack.
  12. Gaming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Will the ps5 update make me less bad at Gwent?
  13. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    There is no way Miz is still champ come Wrestlemania.
  14. Music 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

    I know I'm unusual here, but I prefer the Kiss stuff when they went all grungy. But even beyond that, Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley's solo albums would be my pick to listen to. I don't think Kiss are really a band where I'd listen to full albums - maybe a greatest hits collection instead.
  15. Television Resident Alien | SyFy | 93% Rotten | 8.3 IMDb

    I started watching this just for Alan Tudyk, but I am enjoying it. Not seen the latest episode just yet, but I've liked the humour, and the build to what happens when somebody inevitably finds out the truth,