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  1. I apologise Ole!

    He made some errors on the way, the board stuck with him, some fans stuck with him ( I confess I didn't) but most importantly, he stayed true to his values and beliefs. I think he has taken us to a place that I didn't even think was possible again, so soom after he took over. This feels...
  2. Post match vs Liverpool

    Man of the match, Ole. He got everything spot on. The players were great but Ole won this, great timing on subs, never waited. Ole is at the wheel, no longer am I Ole out, and i say that with pride having been Ole out for some time! :drool::cool:
  3. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Liverpool are a one man team, they need VVD back. So glad we are taking advantage.
  4. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    He has been awful. He is a great player to bring off the bench and have around the squad but is not a starter for me.
  5. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    I dont expect a world class performance but i expect him trying to get in the game more. He drifted through them 65 mins. I am someone who really wants him here too, but if h3 is to convince Ole, he needs to do more.
  6. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Donny has not taken his chance today, forgot he was playing.
  7. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Maguire is like a war tanker, takes forever to turn, move, jump and react.
  8. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    When is he not.
  9. United will finish above Liverpool next season

    Who will win the 21 22 season? May get my bets on now. You my friend, are the oracle. I am a esmufc07 believer. Can you replace Borris too?
  10. Top of the League!

    It is all theoretical i guess.
  11. Top of the League!

    I recall a pundit (cannot remember who) suggesting Pep was grinding wins in the first half of the season and playing with less intensity to prepare his team for a onslaught in the second half of the season. This year, fans have been blessed with 2 games a week. For a player, it is a nightmare...
  12. 45 points for the title

    I would be. It shows progress in my eyes, lasy few years except one we have barely got above 70 points and we struggled to land 4th. 2nd with 90 points and a trophy is a good foundation for next yeat where we need to be challenging. I don't think we will win the league this year, but we are...
  13. Post match vs Fulham

    First and foremost, great 3 points, that is all that matters. I do think Ole is riding his luck at the moment. We cannot seem to kill a game, really late subs, he keeps his favourites on the pitch and some of the players forms are a real worry. This game was well suited to Donny, small pitch...
  14. Fulham vs Manchester United

    You lost me at "AWB isn't dreadful going forward".
  15. Fulham vs Manchester United

    What is he being patient for?