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    You'd question Sane if he did leave Bayern for United too. It really is career suicide at this moment in time.
  • Don't speak such sense. We've got some resident Caf members convinced he added nothing to some of United's best teams :lol: It's an absolute basic skill for a midfielder and none of ours have it.
  • I'm not going to link tweets, but scrolling through Twitter it seems even the fans of Liverpool and co agree that if United upgrade on McTominay, we're a different proposition. It just appears too easy to be true, but I can't stop saying it...
  • Premier League hit him hard. But I don't think many defenders could have debuted particularly well with them two idiots in midfield today. If he plays like that again next week I'll be worried. He can have a pass this week. Would argue it's...
  • He's been playing like that for well over a year. Spirit and all that gets you so far, but he can also be lazy and his mind is usually 2 steps behind everyone else.
  • Definitely looked better as he dropped deeper. Thought he was poor in the first half further up.
  • Some shockingly bad performances out there today. Midfield may has well have stayed at home with what they offered today.
  • All starts with the quality of the midfield for me. I'm not particularly sure what Eriksen's role is, but one thing he looks particularly poor in is turning on the ball in possession. Fred has played like an absolute idiot, and can't handle...
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    Trying so hard not to be bitter but I don't think I've ever seen such luck... Obviously you have to be in the right place to get that luck, but my goodness the ball has basically hit him twice and led to goals.
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    Van Dijk's big bastard leg wobbles during the slo mo replay, so there is definitely contact somewhere!
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    Fulham completely nullify Liverpool's right hand side...but Robertson and Diaz are well in this game. Hopefully they can tweak that a bit.
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    Fulham fully deserve that. Stay strong out there you Cottagers!
  • I was buzzing when pre-season started, but I really think Ten Hag could be dragged through the mud thanks to lack of signings, Ronaldo debacle and Martial injury. I really hope he's got the others on side and leaves Ronaldo to sulk in his own...
  • He is...I'm just not convinced he's going to do anything worthy many FF points! That said I've taken a punt on Martinelli who I routinely take the piss out of because I'm sure he's meant to be generational :lol:
  • I had Martial :wenger:. I've gone with Dalot and Sancho hoping the latter gets closer to replicating his Dortmund numbers, and the former HAS to start putting up some numbers as the No1 right back at the club, right?