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  1. When will Ole be sacked?

    That comeback is the reason the board won’t rush into sacking Ole. At 2-0 down it looks hopeless. But actually it was a harsh score at the time and we ended up winning well. No matter what people may say about Ole being out of his depth or needing to win a trophy, it will take a sustained dip...
  2. Manchester United vs Atalanta

    With a couple more days training added to the match he just played, Maguire should be closer to being up to speed. Is Cavani ready to play? If so I agree with you. Give him and Ronaldo 60mins and bring on some younger legs for the last half hour.
  3. When will Ole be sacked?

    I would think the club has a running shortlist of candidates as part of Disaster Recovery. It might not look like it but the corporate side is probably run very diligently.
  4. When will Ole be sacked?

    With the dust settled a bit, I still think he’s on very shaky ground but think the board will not be hasty. It all depends how bad it gets and how long the dip lasts. Part of me is so tired of everyone calling for his head that I wouldn’t mind him going sooner rather than later.
  5. When will Ole be sacked?

    I don’t think so. Firstly no-one thinks we should expect to lose those games, especially not Neville. Secondly, even his mates are losing faith at this point; without some big results, there’ll be nobody left to back him.
  6. When will Ole be sacked?

    I’m just wearied by the number of threads people need to post anti-Ole sentiment in. It’s a matter of time before someone creates threads for “How” “Why” and “Where” will Ole be sacked.
  7. Unpopular opinion: Ronaldo will be a huge miss

    The team has to be balanced in terms of attack and defence. It needs the right ratio of resource and quality between attacking and defending. If the forwards don’t defend that creates a quandary of whether to compensate (say by leaving out a creative midfield player to play a more defensive...
  8. Unpopular opinion: Ronaldo will be a huge miss

    The balance problem is that of the whole team. If the forwards don’t do their share of defending (or if the team is not set up to compensate) the games are hard to win. It’s no good scoring two if you concede four. Better to score one and concede none.
  9. Unpopular opinion: Ronaldo will be a huge miss

    Come on. A team has to have balance between attacking and defending. Defence starts from the front. If you have a guy who basically doesn’t close down, doesn’t run, doesn’t care about defending you create a deficit which needs counteracting either by fielding a greater number of defensive...
  10. Prime Hazard or Prime Salah?

    Salah by a whisker. Prime Hazard was unbelievable but Salah’s end product is a level (or two) above.
  11. Unpopular opinion: Ronaldo will be a huge miss

    The problem is the players AND the manager. That said, these players can play better and they’ve been too bad for too long and I do put that on Ole. We have to be honest with ourselves when we look at the players. Ronaldo still has quality but he is not the player he was. Setting the team up...
  12. Unpopular opinion: Ronaldo will be a huge miss

    It is worrying. He will score goals from time to time of course. He has a lot of shots. I don’t know if he’s still better than a fit Cavani in our team. Cavani really puts a shift in. Possibly they should be alternated, each coming on for the other after 60 mins as a matter of policy. Ole has a...
  13. Next Manager

    I agree about the midfield. It is our no.1 problem. Far more serious and urgent than the manager. As you’ve been saying, a new manager will not win the league with this squad. After the recent performances and results, I don’t feel confident that Ole will survive long enough to see the benefit...
  14. Glazers ideal manager

    Someone with the personality of Ole and the win record of SAF. Probably winning is no.1 and line-toeing is no.2. Stability would be important as the Board don’t want the uncertainty of, say, a Conte. I doubt they would look at managers they think will speak out against them which I think would...
  15. Maguire needs to be replaced as captain

    I think he is a very decent captain when his own form and fitness is good. Many times he has driven the team on and actually been our most progressive player. In form he is inspirational. But he does have spells where his form or fitness or both is off and his confidence takes a knock and from...