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  • Feck. Just realised how conflicted I am about this. Obviously want Liverpool to drop points but if they don’t beat Burnley it makes our draw with them look a lot worse in hindsight. Buzz wrecker.
  • No we don’t. There are reports out of Israel of much higher levels of antibodies after vaccination than after infection but there isn’t always a direct correlation between antibody levels and immunity and the vaccines haven’t been around long...
  • Dunno about most but some would have. Would like to think they’d respond better than most to a single dose of vaccine though.
  • A colleague of a friend of mine (medical consultant) was pretty sick from covid in April. Became symptomatic 14 days after first dose of Pfizer vaccine. Covid +ve today. So that sucks.
  • In the VAR universe. Because this poxy initiative is repeatedly making common sense, simple rules get bent all out of shape and confusing the shit out of everyone involved. Sometimes more than once during the same season. After decades of...
  • Nowhere in those laws does it specify that an offside player is allowed to challenge for the ball if a defender needs more than one touch to get rid of it. This whole thing hinges on a stupid interpretation of “phases of play”. Rodri should not...
  • He also played on the left in our last game. If it’s a choice between him or Rashford on the left that’s no competition. Martial goes on the bench. And that’s this season’s, shadow of his usual self, Rashford.
  • I’m aware what playing the ball means. Do you realise the difference between “receiving the ball” and “challenging for the ball”? Because I know which phrase I’d use to describe winning the ball in a tackle.
  • He didn’t “receive” the ball from Mings. That would apply if he intercepted a backpass. That didn’t happen. He tackled him. He was offside when the initial pass was played towards him, then challenged Mings for the ball and took it off him.
  • Fecking thing is a nightmare. Full lockdown here for three weeks now and the initial decline is flattening out with a caseload that is still way too high. Where do we go from here?!
  • Bottom of page 99. “Interfere with an opponent” by “challenging for the ball”. He fecking tackled him!
  • His short passing is always crap. Weakest part of his game. Constantly gets basic passes wrong.
  • Woohoo! Need to keep up his crazy stats.
  • Pogue Mahone replied to the thread Fred | 2020/21 Performances.
    It definitely wasn’t a comfortable win. Fulham have been a tough nut to crack this season. They beat Leicester and drew with Liverpool, Soton and Spurs. Plus we seem to be shit at closing games out. Last 10 minutes were agony. But we did dominate...
  • Out of interest, are they going to be running this like a clinical trial? As in, are they committed to collecting data on everyone vaccinated on this different schedule? Did they sign you up to any kind of observational study? They should have.