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  1. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Can we sub McTominay????
  2. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    McTominay is really not at this level. Zero ability to pass or creative. I would take him off got VDB.
  3. Pochettino watch | PSG Manager

    Who ever say to next for the summer has already given up. I cannot see Carrick steering this club to top 4, seeing him sitting beside Ole both looking passive and out of ideas. Pot should be approach immediately as far as I am concern. We need champion league next year as a club. We still have...
  4. Pochettino watch | PSG Manager

    I hope PSG get trash by City and PSG decide to hire Zidane. Pot can join us ASAP, what the point to bein in a club for 1 year if there is someone who is giving you a 5 years contract. I really think he can develop young players.
  5. Van De Beek unlocks Sancho.. those 2 will rule

    One thing I can say is VDB has awareness that McFred don't have. He looks at Ronaldo to make a run and place the ball perfectly for him to have a shot at goal. With Watford players closing in on him, he had the awareness to kick it into space for Sancho to chase is anothrr example of awareness...
  6. Official: Solskjær has left his role as manager

    Best new today, came late when it should happen at least a year ago. Totally out of his depth with players bailing him out. Bruno is so out of form, Rashford just coming back, Maguire brain fart so no one if bailing him. VDB almost bail him out yesterday luckily Maguire decision to take decision...
  7. Thank you Ole

    With the amount of money that he has spent, I think any average manager can achieve what he has done which is close to nothing. He bought Maguire, AWB, Varane, Bruno, VDB, Cavani, Ronaldo, Sancho and Amad. Did he developed anyone? I don't see any, giving games to Greenwood is not Development...
  8. Romano : Ole Sacked

    Sacking is a no brained. It probably took 10-15 mins decide, the rest of the time is probably taking about who will be the interim manager, when and who will break the news, discussing on the next manager. I don't want Zidane to be the manager, I want to manager who is ruthless regardless of...
  9. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    Sancho needs clever players around, in fact Ronaldo as well. VDB provided that, Ole single handedly made Utd this bad which is criminal.
  10. Donny van de Beek | 2021/22 Performances

    VDB played very well in 45 mins cameo. If Ole is not sack, he will start playing so he has avoid being sack. What is VDB doing in training which Ole refuse to pick him, I will never understand. VDB alone provide Ronaldo 2-3 half chances. I think Ronaldo will personally walk in Ole asking the...
  11. Harry Maguire | 2021/22 Performances

    Maguire always has a brain fark in every game. He commit mistakes in almost every game if any team who come at us. I have never seen a so call world class defender as mistake prone as he is. Doesn't seems to get his act together. Best suited to a mid table team.
  12. Post match vs Watford

    Everyone can trash us, I think Chelsea will have some mercy on us next week once they score 3 goals. Anyone who watch football long enough will know Ole doesn't cut it. Trash by Watford..... by Christmas, we will be fighting to stay in Premier league.
  13. Ole Sack Watch

    Trash by Liverpool, trash by City and trash by Watford.... way to go. Best manager ever.
  14. Ole Sack Watch

    Dead man walking.....
  15. Watford vs Manchester United

    Fans should start protesting until Ole get sack.