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    Buzzing after that and super happy for De Gea who finally saves a goddamn pen! And Lingard who always seems to get shat on. Well done lads.
  • :lol: It’s because I’d expect a defender to be more aware of the harm of making a blind back pass compared to a midfielder who for all his other flaws has never really produced a defensive mistake of that magnitude.
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  • Hasn’t let ego ruin him in the same way.
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    A great captain is one who gets the best out of his team mates on the pitch and elevates their performances rather than bring them down. What is a great captain for one team may not be a great captain for another as different environments...
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    Players have almost become too expensive to buy and clubs are at a greater risk of bankruptcy these days when they go for a big talent. This hesitancy in the market means that the way to get your ideal move if you’re a big player these days is to...
  • To be fair it was the team mates around him who were barely getting any service to him. A midfield who lacked control of the game and wide men who struggled to beat a man and drive up the pitch and let him get on with putting chances away in the...
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    When Varane covered for Maguire after Harry got megged was class... could never see Lindelof getting across like that.
  • Thanks @oneniltothearsenal
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    That is a more fairer opinion and has validity to it. I still think KDB edges it during this time period if we talk outside just EPL performances but if just limited to EPL, then yes Bruno has been better.
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    You’re not worth arguing with because the red tinted spectacles are blinding you to the point you can’t put together a rational argument.
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    I do not rate De Bruyne amongst the greatest CAM's so his CV is not that impressive, but the point is that he has more of a cv compared to Bruno who is not even a proper starter for his national side and has barely featured in the UCL. So it is...
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    He's had some memorable world cup performances and euro's. He isn't in the league of a Zidane etc but he's certainly got a lot more to write about than Bruno who literally has shown zero pedigree at that level to date. This is a debate that could...
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    Only United fans would think that Bruno is better than KDB at this moment in time. Latter is more proven at a higher level.
  • Have to agree. He’s not a valuable enough player for United to give two shits about his opinion.