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  1. Manchester United vs Liverpool

  2. Mason Greenwood | 2021/22 Performances

    He is quite frankly an insane talent. Abit selfish at the moment - yeah but he’s the most exciting United player by a country mile and Southgate needs to get him into the starting XI for England. Don’t kill him with the negativity please... he’s the last thing that is wrong with the current side.
  3. Isn't it time we moved away from 'the United way'?

    Ole has got closer but that isn’t an achievement considering what went before him. We deserve a Klopp... we need a manager who has a very vibrant positive brand of football before we even think about trophies.
  4. Isn't it time we moved away from 'the United way'?

    This is the way I see it as well and can we honestly say the managers since SAF have succeeded in getting bums off seats? Even Ole football is stilted and not really fluid compared to Klopp etc so for me blaming the United way doesn’t make sense when we haven’t really returned to our roots of...
  5. Leicester City vs Manchester United

  6. United appoint Dominic Jordan as director of data science

    Even when we do something positive it gets shat on. Try to take your negative feelings on Ole or Glazers out of the equation whenever a new news story on United comes about guys. Take each story on its own terms.
  7. Park Ji-Sung asks United fans to stop singing his chant

    Compounded by the fact it’s your own player you’re insulting and in Park case a cult figure who helped us to win trophies. Utter lack of respect.
  8. Mo Salah

    I think it is more likely he moves on to be honest.
  9. Mo Salah

    Would be a shame if he never wins a Ballon D’or before end of career. Best player in the world on current form for me.
  10. Park Ji-Sung asks United fans to stop singing his chant

    The fact there are some fans trying to justify it when the man himself comes out to say he finds it offensive truly boggles the mind. Just grow up and find something else to chant about. Morons.
  11. Sloppy passing and touches

    If you watch training sessions of your City's, Liverpool's, Bayern's... there is a greater emphasis on passing drills and more knowledge and attention to detail imparted on that aspect of the game. Is it a coincidence that under Van Gaal, United looked the most comfortable they had done in...
  12. That crossball from Fred

    Was so confused seeing references to this wonder cross from Fred that led to the goal and now having rewatched it - am even more confused. Decent hanging cross into the box, he definitely meant it for Ronaldo head but for the love of god it doesn’t deserve its own thread. Embarrassing.
  13. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    I suspect the rematch with Jesus and Torres from the start may have finished different. Whenever you see Sterling on the team sheet these days you can expect a City choke.
  14. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    No way AJ wins that on points - not sure what fight he was watching.
  15. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    How many times has Wilder been knocked down? He doesn’t get rocked by jabs. AJ is like a heavyweight Khan but not as bad.