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  1. Anthony Martial | 2020/21 Performances

    He seems to have a fear factor in missing. Likes to only shoot when the odds are massively in his favour whereas Rashford is complete opposite - backs himself to score from anywhere and not afraid of looking stupid. Needs to take a leaf out of the Kobe Bryant and MJ notebook and just up the...
  2. We're a dark horse in next season's CL

    The way we have played in the first two games - really does seem Ole feels at home in these European encounters and tactically it suits the squad to a tee where we are not being expected to dominate large swathes of possession and facing teams with very high lines - perfect for us to counter...
  3. Between The Lines (Hosted by Rio Ferdinand)

    New series by BT Sport.. good watch.
  4. A public apology to Marcus Rashford

    Right, First of all an apology to Rashford for falling into the trap of thinking the kid had an ‘ego’ issue. In hindsight it was frustration with the Mourinho era and the politics he played with players and I think that boiled over into dislike of the attitude of certain players in United...
  5. Is it time to burst “Rashy’s” bubble?

    You do realise it is okay to be wrong? And if it means a united player is doing well then why would I be bothered? Also I wasn’t saying he was shite and not good enough for United - just saying he needed to work on his game to polish it and simplify it to turn him from a moments player to a 90...
  6. Who is the current best player in the world?

    I’m with you. This Lewa chap is overrated. Bigger muscles = better player for sho.
  7. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    Unfortunate about Telles, was a nice debut and think he would have been useful when trying to counter the high press of Leipzig. Feeling optimistic about this game but Leipzig aren’t going to be as lethargic as PSG and hand the game to us on a plate so tough game to call in all honesty. Going...
  8. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

  9. Who had or has the hardest shot?

    Clemence was scared of Rainer Bonhof
  10. Anssumane Fati

  11. James Rodriguez | Everton Player

  12. La Liga 2020/21

  13. 2020 US Elections

    Not going to lie thought Trump came across well. Biden was okay too but didn’t really wow me with his presence. Not feeling totally confident about America making the right decision after watching that.
  14. Getting carried away after a win against PSG, it seems like the caf has learned nothing

    Sort of thread I would be proud of during peak Jose era.