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  1. Bruno Fernandes | United and Sporting in discussions BBC, Guardian

    There is nothing new about this Saga. The selling club wants as much as possible The buying club wants to pay as little as possible they are starting points in the negotiation Add to that premiums such as: January transfer window usually favours the Seller The Manchester United Tax Everyone...
  2. Bruno Fernandes | United and Sporting in discussions BBC, Guardian

    If he played for United like he has done the last two years, it's money well spent. Bigger and supposedly better players than him have arrived at United, and been a massive disappointment It happens at other clubs, but as United fans, we notice it more when they fail at Old Trafford. In...
  3. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    2- 0 United :wenger: never bet against United. Does anyone remember the video of one of Saddams generals cliauming the USA had been defeated or turned back, can’t remember exactly. In the background were American soldiers and tanks rolling into Baghdad as he said it Thats how I feel about my...
  4. Bruno Fernandes | United and Sporting in discussions BBC, Guardian

    doesnt it also increase the sell on value, the longer lefy You are right and nothing is guaranteed. Over the years, much more high profile players have arrived and have been disappointing for one reason or another. Others with much lower expectations have blossomed at Old Trafford. I'm...
  5. Maybe for the older guys: which utd managers have fulfilled your expectations over the years bar Sir Matt and SAF?

    Memory plays tricks, and everything was different. But I remember Tommy Doc and Big Ron as being good times overall, which is not the same as winning lots of trophies. I just seem to remember enjoying the football more, life on the terraces was more "Exciting" :devil: but not all good...
  6. Hating Lingard

    No reason at all to hate him I don't think he is good enough to be a regular player in any team good enough to challenge for major trophies. That is United or any other. Not being good enough is not a crime or a reason for hatred. But a lack of effort or behaving like Mr Big, when you...
  7. FA Cup 3rd round fixtures

    Okay that interested me - Mental ?? So I googled him, a great background, no wonder he has Leeds playing well, known as El Loco and just reminded about Spygate as well And making Leeds players spend 3 hours collecting Rubbish outside the training ground, to help them appreciate the supporters...
  8. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    Sums it up well, a bit like being on the roller coaster at the moment, but agree with the idea that a rebuild in squad and approach is needed, it's clear that can not happen overnight, but it is very hard at times. How many expensive big names have we had that have failed recently, too many !!!
  9. Has hiring Ole permanently made finding a "Sporting Director" more difficult?

    If the United Hierarchy really wanted a Sporting Director, there would be one, irrespective of whether Ole or anyone else was manager
  10. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll added)

    There are no friends at that level Just Money, lots of it, not all of it going to the player
  11. Burnley vs Manchester United

    Gooooal ( slow stream )
  12. Burnley vs Manchester United

    My stream shows us defending, soon catch up
  13. Burnley vs Manchester United

    I'm fine my stream is so far behind I got plenty of notice
  14. Manchester United vs Newcastle United

    What does that actually mean !
  15. Erling Haaland / signs for Dortmund

    That Robbie was a nasty player :D