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  1. Sergio Romero interested in Manchester United return

    Proven no. 2, well known around the club, family are nested in the area and has plenty of experience. Re-sign him!!
  2. Tyrell Malacia | Romano: Here we go…

    Exactly, I felt it was the wrong move to sell Blind. Top top player.
  3. Tyrell Malacia | Romano: Here we go…

    He is being described as rapid and dynamic on Sky Sports.
  4. Matthijs De Ligt

    They will want crazy money like €90m. I can see this dragging on.
  5. Tyrell Malacia | Romano: Here we go…

    Sounds good. Is he a pacy player? Evra one of my faves. Is he a pacy player? Better than Shaw/Telles? Well Telles has been awful, lool.
  6. Matthijs De Ligt

    Re-uniting with FDJ, VDB and ETH... along with United's new project, not to mention old teammate CR7... that's a bigger draw than Chelsea.
  7. Is a fit in-form Jones ahead of Maguire?

    A fit Jones is the best player in the history of the club, even Sir Alex agrees.
  8. Frenkie de Jong

    Exactly this!! Our financial structure in the last 10 years has been shooking. We need to get the Man Utd Tax out of sellers minds and focus on our budget. The problem is, we were never in the position to be willing to walk away from the table and that is the 1st rule of negotiation... be...
  9. Captaincy…

    Stop reading the news... Sometimes we have to use our own logic, no other club can afford his wages right now.
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

    He's already rich beyond his dreams and has everything, it's impossible to have the same hunger and desire as his father. It's not the same struggle.
  11. How do we sell Harry Maguire?

    He was a top player when we signed/sold him (Di Maria), he just didn't adapt to the EPL and LVG.
  12. Ousmane Dembele

    Unuited should be in for him, top talent and only 25 y/o. Free transfer is a no-brainer. We can use other funds for other areas of the pitch like DM, CM, CB etc
  13. Captaincy…

    It needs to be Ronaldo... he is the most respected experienced player we have.
  14. How do we sell Harry Maguire?

    Back to Maguire, he is no way near good enough for us to compete at the top level. He has to be protected because of his lack of pace and he is easily turn by tricky attackers. I think he will be good for a team who play 5 at the back as there are less spaces at the back. Newcastle should go...
  15. How do we sell Harry Maguire?

    Yes. We didn't make a loss as most people think. Real Madrid didn't receive the add-ons they expected from us as we sold him for close to the fixed price we paid them upfront.