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  1. Saša Kalajdžić

    He’s having a mare this summer
  2. Ten Hag press conference - Brentford away

    the least convincing yes I've ever heard in my life :lol:
  3. Utd Kits 22/23

    What a fiasco, they had to release it now when there’s completely zero excitement about the team and the club.
  4. Adrien Rabiot | His mother is his agent. Get over it.

    Because both him and Dortmund would just laugh at us? And so would the rest of the football wirld?
  5. Adrien Rabiot | His mother is his agent. Get over it.

    Did you change your mind halfway through writing a post :lol: :lol:
  6. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    Only if you believe this can happen, I don't.
  7. Brentford vs Manchester United

    DDG Dalot Maguire Martinez Malacia Fred Erikssen Bruno Sancho Ronaldo Rashford 3-0 United
  8. Transfer Tweets - Manchester United - 2022/23 | Follow the OP rules and check the quality of your sources before posting

    It's not a fair situation to judge a player properly, he was at times the only one trying to do anything on the pitch when others just downed tools. He was dropped into an absolute mess, hard to shine in those circumstances.
  9. Cody Gakpo

    As in shouldn't be playing, yeah. He was atrocious, Aldi Rashford.
  10. Cody Gakpo

  11. Cody Gakpo

    We should get Sangare instead. I know he just signed a new contract and would cost 3 times more than a month ago but when has this been a problem for us.
  12. Cody Gakpo

    Yup, first time seeing him it’s hard to get excited, like current form Rashford minus the pace
  13. Cody Gakpo

    He gave away the ball almost everytime he got it. Head’s obviously gone.