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  • Doesn't matter to him. His blind hatred for any manager not named OGS has deluded him to the point of no return.
  • Open pointless question or a blunt one you are too scared to answer. Your ilk cried foul about OGS not being backed after a 65 point season and scraping third on the last day, losing all cups and playing dour pointless football. What would you...
  • So much wrong in this post I don't really know what to say. Blinded by hate comes to mind though. " He had one season where he did not spend"- During the same five years United had a net spend of 120 mils per annum. "Remove Kane from the...
  • More like hiding behind pointless sarcasm innit?
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    Because a CL winning, League winning, team and manager is going to be given a free pass once in a while. They have earned it. Do you remember us getting beat 6-1 at OT? I don't remember the press tearing us a new one after that. That's the...
  • I can't be arsed cause I've posted it a long time back, but just do a bit of research before posting inane stuff. How much did he spend in those five years? How much did Levy mistreat him and refused backing after he reached a CL final with a...
  • Which PL club would hire OGS if he is fired say today?
  • Try Ancellotti's Christmas tree formation ala Milan. We don't really have good wide players so that formation could suit us best. Rashford Vdb. Pogba Fred Matic McT Telles ? ? Williams
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    A proven manager with a coaching staff to inculcate some sort of tactical discipline and style of play. Old Trafford renovation. Rats and leaky roofs are not ok for us.
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    Djalminha was a monster on FIFA 2002.
  • Seems just as much a waste of money as Pogba until now. Hope he can be at least reliable grade, which till now he is not.
  • This is a club which openly lied about appointing a DOF. This is a club which made an irrational decision of appointing a caretaker as a permanent manager. Since then our chances of progress have been set back by how many years, only time will tell.
  • For the sake of avoiding an argument that has been done to death, let's say the 82 point thing is flawed. But the question remains what OGS has done to merit further backing?
  • Agreed 100 percent. But we are talking about the present now. What has OGS done to deserve backing?
  • If an 82 point season, second place and winning the Europa didn't warrant backing, what has OGS achieved to merit support? But I fully agree that knowing the clubs decision makers OGS will continue till there's not even top four left to play for...