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  1. Jadon Sancho - "White Smoke over Old Trafford"

    You're having a laugh if you think Grealish would become our best midfielder. He'd be a fantastic squad option though.
  2. Players who will still be here in 5 years time? (2020 version)

    Torn on Martial, Lindelof and James. Though for some reason I have a feeling that they will all be gone. Williams Maguire Wan Bissaka McTominay Fernandes Rashford Greenwood
  3. Kai Havertz

    We were pissing about with James, Lingard, Mata and Pereira for the first half of the season. It's the Pogba, Fernandes, Rashford, Martial and Greenwood team that tips it in our favour.
  4. Miscellaneous Reserve/Youth News

    He played for Chelsea.
  5. Finishing 3rd, 33 points off PL winners, and no Trophy (yet) is utter rubbish and shouldn't be celebrated...

    What an incredibly spoilt and entitled attitude. We finished third. Were you expecting to finish in the top two before the season began? If you were, then please kindly refrain from dampening the optimism of others, due to your own delusion.
  6. Mason Greenwood | 2019/20 Performances

    Still has Europa.
  7. Dean Henderson has to be our #1 next season? Poll added

    It's difficult because teams like Arsenal and Chelsea who prioritise playing out from the back would be favourable loan destinations. Bigger clubs, more pressure and under the spotlight a bit more. However, you don't want to strengthen a rival and these clubs wouldn't agree to a loan deal...
  8. Top 4 Race 19/20 | duffer: "We [Chelsea] are getting 3rd. Despite what the lunatics in here think, Man United are not all that."

    This isn't true. If you beat Liverpool, but lose to Wolves, you will finish on 66 points. If United and Leicester beat West Ham and Spurs respectively, then proceed to draw their final game, Chelsea will finish 5th on goal difference.
  9. Roberto Firmino, the most overrated player in the Prem.

    Are you a Liverpool fan? Your passionate defence of Firmino certainly implies that. Martial is a better goalscorer, though yes, congratulations to the Brazilian for being part of a successful team.
  10. Form Table

    I don't think there is a great difference between us and City when we are at full strength. The key difference is that they have superior squad depth to us.
  11. Football Jargon

    "Little Magician" and "He's put a bit of swaz on it", are two other bugbears. Probably just too much Jamie Redknapp for me I think.
  12. Football Jargon

    Hi. I'm a technician. Do I work in a laboratory, I hear you ask? No, I'm a midget footballer who can do a few tricks.