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  1. Post match vs RB Leipzig

    Fantastic stuff. Back to back comfortable wins against the finalists and semi finalists from a few months ago. Pretty nice going. And us scoring hat-tricks is always a good thing.
  2. January....

    Selling one or two players and thats it. Agreeing a deal in advance to sign our top target for the summer would be great though.
  3. Was anyone here a member of a football hooligan firm/gang in the 70s/80s/90s?

    Was in a near empty pub once for a United game back in 2007 ish and ended up sitting next to the only other person in the pub watching the game. Turned out he was also a United fan and had been part of that scene in the 70s/80s and told some pretty hair raising stories. One was one time the...
  4. Arsenal 2020/21 - General Discussion | Mesut Ozil offers to take pay cut to fund Gunnersaurus' wages if Arsenal re-employ him

    At least we were able to eventually get rid of Sanchez before it got as messy as Ozils situation.
  5. Our debt has increased 133% to £474.1 million

    So if they have extended the Chevrolet deal for 6 months does that mean mid season next season we will end up with a "new" jersey because of a sponsorship change?
  6. So what happens with our backline once Maguire is back in the mix?

    It should be and hopefully will be Maguire and Tuanzebe.
  7. Post match vs Paris St Germain

    Magnificent. Simply magnificent. PSG must be sick of us at this point.
  8. RAWK goes into Meltdown 20/21 Edition

    Even as a parody account it was beyond cringey. If its a real account theres no helping them.
  9. Pickford's tackle on VVD: What should be the punishment?

    Bravo at Old Trafford on Rooney. Still annoys me he got away with it. Exactly. I dont believe for a minute that Pickford intended to do him considering they were 1-0 down and it was the first 10 minutes of the game and if he got it wrong he was looking at a red card/penalty and 2-0 down. No...
  10. Post match vs Newcastle United

    Feared the worst after conceding so early again. (And seeing the starting 11). Happy with the win obviously now, the 3rd and 4th goals adding a shine to it. Hopefully the goals from Maguire and AWB are start of many this season.
  11. Premier league matches to be shown on PPV basis via BT and Sky

    Didnt MoTD miss out on showing highlights of the 8 o clock game one or twice last season because they didnt get it edited in time or something like that and it became the feature match on MoTD2 the following day?
  12. Times when teams should have cashed in?

    Dortmund-Sancho. Palace-Zaha. Spurs-75% of the team at various points in the last 5 years. Us-where do I start?
  13. United and Liverpool driving "Project Big Picture" - Football’s biggest shake-up in a generation

    Made about as much sense to me as well reading it.
  14. Eduardo Camavinga

    Couldnt agree more.