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  1. Film Best Opening Title Sequences

    Watchmen. Utterly stunning stuff. The first note of music in any Star Wars film.
  2. Transfer Tweets - 2021/22 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Thanks, have been off the caf and not been paying much attention to sports last few days and thought Id missed something major.
  3. Transfer Tweets - 2021/22 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Where did the possibility of Mbappe joining us come from? Or was it just a random question asked of Varane?
  4. Internationals October (World Cup Qualifiers + Nations League Finals)

    Ah yes I remember the Maguire game now cheers.
  5. Internationals October (World Cup Qualifiers + Nations League Finals)

    I dont remember how any of the Nations League has gone to date but how did England get eliminated?
  6. Glazers selling a significant amount of shares

    So they have basically sold a certain amount of shares that doesnt really lessen their control in any way and made a fortune out of it. Good day at the office if you can manage it I guess. Who is buying the shares then? Are they only available in 1 block or can they be split by multiple buyers?
  7. Park Ji-Sung asks United fans to stop singing his chant

    Well hes asked so that should be good enough for anyone who needs a reason.
  8. Why so many knee-jerk reactions and negativity 7 games in?

    Because we have dropped 8 stupid points in the Premier League already that we shouldnt have, lost the opening game of the CL after some really bizarre tactics to say the least and while the last minute wins vs West Ham and Villareal were great we were really lucky in both games. Most people...
  9. Mark Clattenburg

    I love watching tbe highlights of that match. It was like all the dodgy decisions Chelsea got against us over the years came back to haunt them :lol: Hernandez goal being about 4 miles offside was the icing on the cake. I dont remember now but what was the fallout when the allegations made by...
  10. Your favourite clutch moments in soccerball?

    This :lol: What game is this? I have no idea?
  11. Barcelona: Koeman on the brink?

    I dont see them getting out of the group as things stand right now. Of course a new manager could change that.
  12. Diogo Dalot | 2021/22 Performances

    He was nowhere tonight. He wasnt getting much help in fairness but he was shocking.
  13. Jesse Lingard | 2021/22 Performances

    Fantastic impact tonight.
  14. Post match vs Villarreal

    GET IN THERE. Thankfully we have Ronaldo but that really was a mess, we really were lucky tonight to even be in the game at half time. Its like last few seasons still where we wait until we concede to actually wake up and have a go. We looked much better when Cavani and Matic came on. Stunning...
  15. Declan Rice

    I still think that playing at a higher level he will end up being an even better player.