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  1. Jude Bellingham

    Yep, I cannot see him going anywhere but Liverpool. There is no smoke without fire, alot of noise that Liverpool are leading the chase. We need to make sure we dont spend our efforts trying to sign him when his mind is made up, we need to target players we can get.
  2. The comprehensive Ronaldo thread

    On FIFA?
  3. The comprehensive Ronaldo thread

    If the team get to the final.. it would mean Ronaldo isn't playing. I am quite confident in saying that if Ronaldo starts, Portugal do not make the final. If the game is on the edge come 70 mins, then you can bring Ronaldo on and he can give you 20 minutes in the box, balls in the box and he...
  4. Joao Felix

    They hype after a hat trick is crazy.... A ST needs more than just goals to suceed.
  5. The comprehensive Ronaldo thread

    Exactly. He could have got his contract cancelled without needing to publicly attack our manager and club. He went on about disrespect and him having alot to offer, when in reality he is a hindrance to the team he plays for. He said the club tried to force him out, there were many offers...
  6. The comprehensive Ronaldo thread

    What's the Ronaldo fan boys saying now? Is the Portugese manager disrespecting him? They have had their best performance without Ronaldo... I dont think any United fan is surprised about that. Ronaldo is not just washed, he now is having a massive negative impact on the teams he plays for...
  7. Diogo Dalot | 2022/23 Performances

    Its this recent fan view that every position has to be stat based. People would rather have a RB that gets 5 assists than one that gets 1 and defends well and contributes to the team. Dalot has been really good in his all round play this season.
  8. Do Brazil dance too much?

    I mean go have a look at the stories from the squad, the likes of Richarlison, Antony etc.. Just because they play high level european football, does not mean the world cup isn't their biggest dream.
  9. Qatar WC | Fans and Atmosphere Watch

    Slightly off topic.. They didn't fool some of the English players with the green paint either.
  10. Do Brazil dance too much?

    So you are saying a manager is not allowed to celebrate?
  11. Do Brazil dance too much?

    So I am making a transcript up? Anyway, I cant be asked discussing with someone who wants to make up his own transcript.
  12. Do Brazil dance too much?

    Whether you celebrate with a routine or do a simple knee slide, its totally unrelated to the the result. That's like saying no player should celebrate a goal in-case they lose the game at the end.. you enjoy your highs in life. Alot of the Brazilian players come from a very poor background...
  13. Do Brazil dance too much?

    Yes, and I will give you the transcript. “I can’t believe what I’m watching. It’s obviously brilliant from Brazil, but South Korea, my goodness. I’ve never seen so much dancing, it’s like watching Strictly!” “I don't like this. People say it's their culture. But I think that's really...
  14. Do Brazil dance too much?

    Its not though... Strictly is a dancing platform, this is just people who love to dance enjoy their goals. Its not a myth, go back to any world cup.
  15. Do Brazil dance too much?

    Right be whom? You? Have you been involved in a world cup to know the feeling?