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  1. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    Fecking hell our finishing
  2. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    Volley that Martial
  3. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    Zero composure getting the ball out.
  4. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    Get in!
  5. Premier League Gameweek 27

    Give them enough time to score, cnut.
  6. Premier League Gameweek 27

    Fecking hell, a few bad results and the plane banners come out.
  7. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    We’ll nick this, 0-2.
  8. England in India 2021

    Shame, metre either side is four. Great innings and at least he got his hundred.
  9. England in India 2021

    Please get a ton Pant, played too many top innings then threw it away before the landmark.
  10. England in India 2021

    Comparing players without mentioning conditions is silly. Axar Patel is the best player from both sides in these conditions.
  11. Mason Greenwood | 2020/21 Performances

    Management and coaching are critical to a young talents’ development and Greenwood isn’t clearly improving as a player. More a criticism of coaching than the player.
  12. England in India 2021

    India won’t make it past 170.
  13. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    Said after the Sheffield United loss that result would completely derail us. Absolutely not good enough, useless bashing Ole but we know the deal by now.
  14. “ If De Bruyne (£68m) has an off day, City have Mahrez (£61m), Sterling (£57m), Silva (£45m), Foden, Gundogan (£24m), & Ferran (£21m)

    As long as the excuses keep coming we’re going nowhere as a club. We should have our own standards as a club and not compare ourselves to City and feel sorry for ourselves.
  15. Post match vs Chelsea

    Didn’t really want it. Ole needs to start instilling belief that we can win these games and not settle for a draw.