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  1. NHL 2021/2022

    An OT loss. They will be a bag of nerves for game 7
  2. Northern Ireland Thread

    So if they rip it up does that mean a hard border ? Not that I believe for one second they are going to rip it up. Just more curious.
  3. Northern Ireland Thread

    Why do the government keep throwing out bits and pieces that they will do something about the protocol when we all know the reality is they won’t ? it doesn’t help anyone least of all the DUP
  4. Paul Pogba | 2021/22 Performances

    As long as he leaves. I’m not one bit bothered where he ends up
  5. Northern Ireland Thread

    Wee Seamie Bryson is gonna blow up Twitter at this rate
  6. Pogba's contract offer

    fully agree. I’m actively hoping he goes there. At the end though I just want him gone. Don’t care where.
  7. Northern Ireland Thread

    This whole protocol issue is simply a load of balls. The DUP are just using it as a red herring. No one cares about it. The fact they have fought an election on the back of getting it removed and have just got pumped in that election should waken them up to that fact. But even so I would love...
  8. Northern Ireland Thread

    the DUP will find a way to spin it. reality is they are done.
  9. Northern Ireland Thread

    Sinn Fein romping it. What an historic event 15 seats so far out of the 23 declared
  10. Liverpool's inevitable quadruple

    No closer to it after tonight to be honest. Despite the way they win they were fully expected to go through. I do think they will win CL though. City for league and Chelsea for the cup
  11. Football agent Mino Raiola dies after illness / not dead / who knows?

    This is like a second Easter
  12. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    For me not too much should have been expected of Rangnick. Our season was in complete free fall under Ole and he was put in to simply stop that. To an extent he has, granted the last month or so hasnt been great. But Im not sure why anyone thought he was gonna perform miracles with the same...
  13. The Transition From Disney Land

    Christ almighty, Ive just learned from this thread we signed Maguire on a six year contract. It gets worse !
  14. What will "Give the new manager time" mean to the United board and the fans?

    He's the best available manager I think. But at the same time its a leap of faith, managing in the Dutch league is a completely different ball game to the EPL. Im so despondent about United at the minute that in my head Ive written off the next three seasons. People saying Klopp took x...
  15. Workrate

    Bunch of spineless cnuts is what they are.