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  1. Transfer Tweets - England & Scotland - 2022/23 | Follow the rules in the OP

    Seems like desperation/delusion from Raphina and Barca. It's fairly obvious they can't afford anything like what Chelsea are offering, especially if Lewa is a priority.
  2. Tennis 2022

    I think you're right that it's too early to tell but regardless of how her career goes I think the US Open was a bit of a one off. Things opened up in a weird way, she played brilliantly and didn't have to deak with much adversity as she won every match in straight sets. This is her first full...
  3. Tennis 2022

    Norrie losing now too. It's a very good opportunity for Tiafoe in particular but some half decent unseeded players lurking in Goffin, Bublik (if he's serious), Humbert, Mannarino and Vesely about. Tough to predict who makes it out of that quarter.
  4. Tennis 2022

    Enjoy mate! At RG the evening session are seperate tickets and it's only one match, so you'd expect it to be full for the most part unless the match goes super late.
  5. Tennis 2022

    In a way it's better it ended that way for Serena as it could have been ugly against a better opponent. I hope she sticks with it and rebuild her fitness but if not, a much better memory than what happened last year.
  6. Tennis 2022

    That's just my impression anyway, more of a ballache but I didn't seen anyone asking to scan anything or any points to do it in any case.
  7. Tennis 2022

    Yeah will be no shows. Grounds pass you'd get in fine but not centre court unless you bag tickets online or queue overnight. Previously if you had a Centre Court ticket and went home early, you could give your stub to staff on your way out and they'd resell your ticket to those onsite, which...
  8. Tennis 2022

    Get in where is the question? Show courts probably not unless you show up super early. You'd probably get a ground pass fairly easily and quicker than other years but getting on Centre Court is still difficult.
  9. Tennis 2022

    Agreed, can't see her going deep here if she gets through tonight. If she can stay injury free for a year, maybe she can be an outsider next year.
  10. Tennis 2022

    For day 1 and day 2 £75 for the most expensive (non hospitality) seats on centre court. The website lays out the pricing pretty clearly
  11. Tennis 2022

    It's difficult to know really, think if next year is the same then it's more meaningful. On the men's side it's been like this for years. I think no Federer, higher prices amongst the cost of living and maybe just a change in customer behaviour. Perhaps people are getting fed up of the queue?
  12. Tennis 2022

    I was there yesterday and it was the same, felt like at no point during the day it was near being full. I heard on a podcast that Wimbledon attendance was the lowest it's ever been on day 1 since 2007. Seems numbers on site in general have taken a dip this year, even if Centre Court has sold...
  13. Tennis 2022

    Weirdly I think he might prefer playing one of those guys before a potential match with Djokovic. He's capable of beating those guys anyway but they would prove a real test for him and be able properly gauge his level. Still better for him and there are some dangerous guys left so not a terrible...
  14. Tennis 2022

    Yeah he will have to improve massively but he's not played on grass in 3 years, so no real concerns. The 2018 SF shows he should be able to compete with Novak at least. FAA 2-1 down to Cressy who is a potential QF opponent for Rafa. Tricky first round to be fair.
  15. Tennis 2022

    Oh wow, apparantly Cilic has Covid too and that's why he pulled out.