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  • It’s close to 6pm UK time now lads. Doubt we’ll get anything today. Onwards to tomorrow
  • SATA replied to the thread Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Do we want him back?
  • Feed me some positive tweets later on, lads. My body is ready :drool:
  • Do we announce anything on Sundays?
  • SATA replied to the thread Willian - worth a punt?.
    Poor signing. Hope he milks them for another two more years after the current three
  • SATA replied to the thread Is Pogba as good as gone?.
    Sometimes we don’t realised what an absolute star and quality player we have on our hands. Use him properly and we will receive the rewards. You lot better treasure him while he’s still here. The recently concluded season without him playing was...
  • Tonight or tomorrow morning we’ll hear some official news of it i’m sure. He won’t be flying out for their pre season i reckon
  • I have just seen Koulibaly’s first half highlights. Absolute disaster. He even managed to kick Messi’s leg in the box with his lack of awareness and gave away a needless penalty. Maguire would have been slaughtered here all week if that was him...
  • Fecking Dortmund being dicks. Next time they want a player from us we should do exactly the same back to them. Didn’t we let Kagawa go back there for a cheap fee on the basis of goodwill for the player and his former club? And we have met their...
  • Fancy Madrid to turn up tonight and win. Ramos playing on the pitch would have been better though
  • Hypothetical question and out of curiosity. Would people prefer Sancho for 120M or Grealish + Chiesa for the same amount of money?
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    Is Grant gone this summer or does he have another year?
  • I would imagine it’s 10M more upfront. In that case, it shouldn’t be an obstacle and United will agree
  • Mate I don’t think anyone meant to say it’s for Sancho. Most of us are just engaging in this muppetry and taking the piss all round
  • I’m sure he doesn’t mind it. He’s earning loads of money through his twitter views and they are increasing every minute because people and mainly United fans are checking and retweeting on Sancho and his famous three words