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  1. Gaming Apex Legends (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

    If anyone wants to add me on ps4 to play my name is the same as here, just let me know.
  2. Interesting tweets by footballers | Demba Ba wins thread

    Some twat on twitter who calls himself pogba senior went through this thread, took the ones he liked and made a thread on twitter, got over 50k likes. Didn't even do the work for it the cnut.
  3. Gaming Apex Legends (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

    Randoms are the absolute fecking bane of my existence, I hate them so much.
  4. Everton's Disallowed Goal

    Keeping good bro, how about you?
  5. Everton's Disallowed Goal

    Him moving his legs so as to not interfere with play was interfering with play as without it the ball would have hit him.
  6. Premier League to Launch Hall Of Fame

    If SAF and most of the 98/99 treble winning team aren't the first inductees then it's a travesty.
  7. Martin Braithwaite | Barcelona

    They couldn't reject it, barca activated his release clause.
  8. Television The Flash TV Series | Comic Book Stuff in Spoiler Tags Please

    Y'all are moaning about Iris from the latest episode as though you haven't watched it and don't know it's not her.
  9. Eric Cantona - Kung Fu Legend

    Remember watching this when it happened, made me love the guy even more.
  10. Telegraph: Gary Neville calls for Ed Woodward to be sacked for Manchester United's 'unforgivable' recruitment

    The fact that we're so far behind and only have 11 days left of the month with zero recruitment, it's plain as day that cnut needs sacking.
  11. Television Crisis on Infinite Earth's - crossover

    Those last two episodes were honestly so fecking good that the crossover was everything I could have wanted. So @Snow did you bother watching it or judge it without?