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  • What are our scouts doing ? Surely they have a list of available strikers.
  • I'm sure we can presuade a Premier League striker looking for a step up to sign.
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    Hopefully now we can get about signing the other 6 players we need to make us have a genuine chance to do something this season. Martinez next would be a good starting point.
  • No idea how he hasn't been snapped up by another big club.
  • Klavin Phillips for 42 million by City great piece of business. Man what a joke of a club we continue to be. It's beyond embarrassing how we are handling things right now.
  • The puffer jackets weren't a dead giveaway?
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    It's been good to have him back but we need to move on as a club without him. I'm concerned though that he won't be replaced properly as i'm not sure our club realizes the window is even open yet.
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    He's not worth persisting with, sell now whilst he still has some value. He speaks French apparently so maybe a loan/sale to Ligue 1 isn't out the question.
  • We could get relegated if things don't improve in the window, just saying :rolleyes:
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    Set to re-sign with Leipzig. Another target says no.
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    Good as backup and squad players but if we are still starting them next season it will be more of the same from last season.
  • Prioritising a centre back over a centre forward. We fecking need both !
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    It isn't July 1 yet but it just feels like any other transfer window, going after the wrong targets like Frenkie de jong and Declan Rice for different reasons. Instead of being smarter and looking at other targets we seem to be waiting until...
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    I'm sure a club like Newcastle would take him on loan with paying 60-70% of his wage, kind of like a project type thing to be the ones to resurrect his career. He can't play for us next season as i'm sure we are definitley looking to get someone...
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    Anderson and Broad should have called time on their careers. Honestly you'd think England would change it up after the ashes debarkale recently but no. Why do England keep selecting batsman who average 35 at FC level? Ben Compton has been...