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  1. U23's: Derby (H) Monday 7pm

    I know this is "victim blaming" a bit, but he does appear to take a ton of touches. He looks brilliant at football of course and if he can develop a good shot from outside the box, like his goal in this match, then he could be very good. But man he loves to dominate the ball!
  2. U18's: Middlesbrough (H)

  3. U18's: Middlesbrough (H)

    How is he physically? Is he quick, sprinters speed, good in the air, etc? Thanks
  4. AS Roma vs Manchester United

    Looked like he gave him the eyes too. Great goal
  5. Derby - United u23

    Thanks for doing this!
  6. James Garner

    How does he do on the defensive side of things? Is he Carrick-like in his positioning and helping out teammates, or is he able to tear around and win tackles and physical duels etc?
  7. U18's: Sunderland (A) Tuesday 1pm

    Haha yeah it appears so.
  8. U18's: Sunderland (A) Tuesday 1pm

    Check out JB's twitter (@jb8521) thats where I get all of my United youth vids and info.
  9. U18s v. Wolves

    Yeah that is a good point and one that I failed to consider. Anyway, he appears to be a good player and I hope he has a great career, either with United or somewhere else!
  10. U18s v. Wolves

    I think it will be difficult. Not a mark on him or his ability, but I see it as an Angel Gomes situation. Obviously a talented footballer, but what position can they play apart from a number 10? They won't be quick enough to play out on the wings, they lack physicality to play as a box to box...
  11. U23's: Man City v Man United

    Take this to the bank
  12. Miscellaneous Reserve/Youth News

    Do you mind sharing the evidence on what we've all seen? Just curious, maybe I've missed all of the obvious examples when it has been proven, and ya know, not just mindless rumors and innuendo...
  13. Is our summer transfer window now in chaos?

    You're right and that would be sensible. But I think everyone at the club will be desperate to keep Pogba, and I have a feeling he doesn't share our thoughts on keeping wages well regulated.
  14. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    I would like him here and think he could be a good option for us. I've been impressed ever since he was at Old Trafford with Wolfsburg (or some German side in green, don't hold me to that) and he looked very classy.
  15. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    I think I would look decent next to VVD.