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  1. Young Boys vs Manchester United

  2. Hannibal Mejbri - Manchester United Player

    From a few posts on here it sounds like he was totally outplayed by Arsenal's U23s this weekend. So, maybe he is in the right place and he should accept that and work on establishing himself. If he already thinks he is above it and he isn't performing because of that, then we can get rid...
  3. Miscellaneous Reserve/Youth News

    Cheers. And no surprise to hear that Jones was decent, as he is awesome and I love him. And FFS are we so desperate for numbers that we're promoting 16 year olds to the U23s?
  4. Miscellaneous Reserve/Youth News

    Who is it that he brushes off the ball initially? Then that attempted "tackle" from the first person that steps up is pretty poor. Its a class finish though. I know that he is highly rated at Arsenal.
  5. Andrew Omobamidele

    Any clips of this last minute attempt? Where's GifLord when you need him/her
  6. Mikkel Damsgaard

    He was the surprise of the summer, as I had never heard of him before. But I loved watching him play and I enjoy the youtube vids that show how hard he works defensively. But his touch and vision are both outstanding.
  7. All or Nothing: Arsenal

    The Spurs one has some great moments but it can also be extremely awkward. I hate the moments when it is incredibly obvious that they told a group of lads at lunch or whatever that they want them to talk about X and everyone act normal and pretend the cameras aren't there. And it is always...
  8. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    Totally agree that we should be pushing to close the points gap with the eventual title winners and forcing ourselves into a challenge, but I just don't see it happening. I'm also perpetually a negative bastard so what do I know.
  9. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    Did anyone really anticipate a title race, even the optimists amongst us? There was never going to be a title race involving United, even if Sancho lit it up like Ronaldo in his first season. City and Pool, and possibly even Chelsea now unfortunately, are just on a different level to us.
  10. Academy football - who are the biggest prospects?

    Do you mind sharing additional details like club and position? I know I could google them myself but just curious if you have them readily available. Thanks
  11. Scott McTominay | 2021/22 Performances

    I thought he about to recreate last year when he burst in the box early on, but he hesitated a bit and his shot got blocked. It would have been huge!