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  1. What's our best centre-back partnership?

    Composure? Bailly is one of the most rash centre backs I’ve seen at OT. And his aerial presence is appalling. Bailly is terrible the air. What in the world? He ends in half when he jumps. Agreed on the last part. One of those players who gets better when he doesn’t play. He’s a last ditch...
  2. Jude Bellingham

    Unless more information has come out that I haven’t seen, that’s not what happened though. It was reported that NET debt increased, which is a simple equation of total debt minus cash on hand. We spent some of our cash, which meant that the net debt increased. But actual debt obligations...
  3. Harry Kane MBE | Performances

    But there’s an opportunity cost. Staying because he may win something - potentially at the expense of actually enjoying playing - especially when the likelihood is that it’ll be a second tier trophy; isn’t the best option if he can go somewhere else and compete for the very top honours. If he...
  4. Thiago Almada. United linked to 'New Messi'

    There's a lot of talk from people connected to the family that he is around 4 years older than his official records show. This makes sense as to his dominance at a youth level but his inability to develop much further.
  5. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player

    Maybe I’m just showing my age, but I think the kind of arrogant contempt shown by Haaland in these interviews, is really poor form. In response people criticise the quality of the questions, asking reporters to ask more insightful questions; but this deconstructs the purpose of these post match...
  6. United Lockdown Trainings | Lingard performed the best!

    I agree with this. I thought he had Ji-Sung Park type potential at one point. Where he could become a selfless squad player, who had decent quality, tactical discipline, tremendous work rate and spirit, and pop up with important goals. Able to play multiple positions. But he just became so full...
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo : The Juventus Chapter

    I haven’t seen him talk for a few years tbf. But I saw a movie about him about 5 years ago, and it was painful. But everybody grows, so I don’t want to be unfair. I guess he just never struck me as the cerebral type.
  8. Cristiano Ronaldo : The Juventus Chapter

    Ronaldo always struck me as a hugely dedicated professional, who was giving absolutely 100% to the one thing he could be great at. But every time I've seen an interview with him, or a documentary about him, he sounds remarkably thick. Like astonishingly thick. Maybe he has educated himself a...
  9. Television Devs

    Just finished binging this. It was all shades of brilliant. Garland is just fantastic. Superbly original show.
  10. Film Your favourite directors

    Michael Mann Denis Villeneuve Alex Garland Guy Ritchie Ridley Scott James Cameron Danny Boyle Taika Waititi Paul Thomas Anderson Christopher Nolan Quentin Tarantino Tony Scott
  11. Angel Gomes - Will he stay or will he go?

    He’s been offered around 30k a week. He’s 19, and he’s done nothing so far. If he had a breakthrough year he could renegotiate a new contract. The club’s offer is extremely fair. Gomes may well go on to be a good player, but he’s also 5’3”. He’s absolutely tiny. He has a lot of question marks...
  12. Players you admired in rival teams

    Bergkamp, Vieira, & Henry - Arsenal Shearer - Blackburn & Newcastle Albert & Ginola - Newcastle Zola & Hazard - Chelsea Xabi Alonso - Liverpool Klinsmann, Bale & Berbatov - Spurs De Bruyne, Aguero & Kinkladze - City Le Tissier - Soton
  13. Diogo Dalot (Out)

    I agree with this. He’s got a lot of potential and all the raw materials. I wouldn’t sell him now. He’s 21. I’m excited to see how he can develop.
  14. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    The Glazers, from what I can remember, are big owners of strip mall real estate in the States. Strip malls were already suffering pre-covid19, but they've been absolutely hammered since with something like only 37% of tenants able to pay rent. I am not sure what percentage of their holdings...
  15. Barcelona in crisis after six directors resign in protest at way club is run

    Barca also including player trading in revenue as well as income from all their other professional teams. So it's not purely football related. They also make their own shirts, so they have higher revenue from shirt sale, which looks good on revenue numbers, but the margins just aren't there, and...