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  1. European Super League | 12 Clubs announce creation of a new midweek competition to replace the Champions League

    As far as I understand the clubs involved will take part in a super league thus no longer playing in their current leagues. Which means the English clubs involved won't be playing in the PL any longer. To be a part of this league you have to have the required financial clout. As long as those...
  2. Post match vs Burnley

    Burnley certainly no pushover and just shows the strength of the PL. Must be a nightmare for the foreign players coming over and think they're on to an easy ride against the lower clubs. Thought we handled them well. Tarkowski is as tough as nails as so many others in that team. Wouldn't call...
  3. That Wembley evening: 29 May 1968

    Yes after that the wheels fell off at the club. Known as "The Barren Years". Due to having an ageing squad, Matt Busby's retirement and Bestie hitting the bottle. Six years after winning the European Cup we were relegated. Tommy Docherty took us down but the fans kept coming. There was a...
  4. Fred - £47m well spent

    The thread title is a bit cringeworthy definately. However I'm more at ease now with him being in the starting line-up than I was before. I tend to think his positives outweigh the negative side of his game. Tbh can't think of any other player who resembles Fred. A one off I would say.
  5. Random goalkeepers you remember

    Alex Stepney for standing his ground and stopping Eusebio's block buster in the European Cup Final 1968. If that would have gone in it could have been curtains. What happened after that is history!
  6. That Wembley evening: 29 May 1968

    Having experienced it myself nothing in football can ever top that occasion. Wonder if other posters who were old enough to have seen the game live, would agree. The whole day was a dream for me 15 yrs old. Got my ticket through collecting enough tokens to qualify for one. Away from parents...
  7. Random goalkeepers you remember

    William Ronald Biggs our 3rd choice GK (after Gregg and Gaskell). Was at the club 1960-64 making only 9 apps for the 1st team. Made his debut when Sir Matt selected him for an away game against Leicester which we lost 6-0. In spite of that he retained his place and played the next game in the...
  8. Random goalkeepers you remember

    The Black Spider who was Lev Yashin. My old fella said he was the GOAT so it has to be him!
  9. Phil Foden - What Is His Potential?

    Lad from Stockport living the dream! Playing for his idol club under the best coach in the world. His development has been insane. His movement and ball control is second to none. Sky's the limit!
  10. Thiago Alc*ntara aka The Fingerer of Merseyside | Liverpool Player

    Thought it was his best performance for Liverpool when he came on last night. He didn't hold up play like before, he got forward more and made some good pinpoint passes into Real's box.
  11. Who is the best Asian footballer of all time?

    His name is Pak Doo-Ik and he played in the North Korean side in the 1966 World cup. He scored the only goal against Italy to put his nation through to the quarter finals where they were beaten by Portugal 5-3. The match against Italy was played at Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough's home arena...
  12. Fred - £47m well spent

    No I don't agree with you on this. He's twice the player he was before. He's developed and adapted to the club and the Premiership.
  13. South Korean media reports that Son was racially abused by Ole

    Blame Mourinho for this calling out OGS in the media. He's desperate for plus points with his players because he's fecked up and lost the dressing room. The man's a fraud!
  14. Sam Allardyce

    Looks like I had the last post on this thread back in Jan and looking like I could end up eating my words. Don't mind though. Credit where it's due! West Brom are a team ffs!
  15. Paul Ince could have done it...

    Keano likes him I reckon!